Ask @xmakaylinnx:

How do i become less awkward at my new high school that i just transferred to this year? I want to fit in better and make closer relationships with people here but i need some tips for being less awkward????

Well honestly it’s a given that anyone whose new somewhere will be nervous and awkward because you don’t know anyone or know how that school is. Being yourself is always the first thing you should do when meeting new people. Not everyone will like you or like the things you like but that’s a good thing. Being yourself allows you to meet people who you can actually talk to and have a good time with other than acting like you’re someone else around people you just want to fit in with. There is no such thing as fitting in. I hope you have good luck in finding new friends. It took me about a week or two to be comfortable at my school so don’t expect to be completely comfortable around new people too soon.

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