How do you know if someone really loves you?

To me, love is closely related to having compassion and respect for life and living things. In the way that people saw a mother orca on the news carrying her sick calf on her back and hoping & praying that the calf makes it. Loving people is wanting to help ppl do well, be healthy and happy in life, while they do the same for you. It might be more like a partnership than a dictatorship. Its also respecting peoples choices if they have different ideas about what they want to pursue. The more people organize, cooperate and work together to achieve goals: generally the happier, healthier and more successful they are. Two people can achieve a lot more working together than a single person can on their own. Pop culture tends to work towards influencing people into working against each other and being ineffective, narrow minded and petty in terms of thinking only about themselves and thinking only about short term planning. It may be common for people to sabotage themselves and place hard limits on their own potential as far as things like love go.

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