Ask @xmf_krapital:

what's your favorite poet to read on rainy days?

I don't read poetry but sometimes I think about famous poems I read in school. There could be hidden meanings contained in them, which are alluded to, indirectly. Similar to how the Tomb Raider film with Angelina Jolie used William Blake's poem "To See A World" as a theme. Except a little more relevent than that.

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Do you ever wonder what people really want from you?

Not really. Its not an area where I see much uniqueness nor originality. It is annoying when people complicate things unnecessarily and hide ulterior motives. Its silly and childish. They're not only wasting your time but wasting their own time as well. People have a tendency to delude themselves into believing cleverness is dishonesty, when the two are moreso opposites.

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How do I forget about someone that just makes me feel various feelings but has disappeared and left me with a hermit-like life?

I don't know much about this but it can be hard to have a great relationship with someone where things don't work out. Its easy to obsess over someone we think highly of. That admiration and love can cloud our judgement. Sometimes later, we realize they weren't as perfect as we thought. That might help to realize they were only human and had their own failings like the rest of us. Or realizing that there are other beautiful, special and wonderful people out there who have their own interesting quirks and foibles. I don't know. I'm just throwing this out there.

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How can I raise my self-esteem? Do you know any method?

Being loved. Knowing what it feels like and knowing someone cares about you that much could be a big confidence/self esteem booster. Raising self esteem via rationalization can be difficult. Its changing the way we think, which can be as hard as quitting smoking. Negative thought patterns are familiar and comforting even if they're destructive and untrue. One might say people truly do not know what their real potential or value is. Their self worth is derived from experience. A person could live in two separate cities and have the complete opposite experience. Which could suggest experience is worthless to a degree & people need not define themselves so much by how others treat (or treated) them. It might help to remember the future doesn't have to resemble the past.

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What's your ultimate deal-breaker in a relationship?

I dont have any. There will never be a relationship where you agree 100% with everything someone does. Sometimes differences can be a growing experience, even if they're painful. There are often lessons to be learned. The only deal breaker is when you betray yourself by refusing to learn from your own experience and making the same mistakes over and over.

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