Ask @xmf_krapital:

If you were in a relationship with someone would still be willing to have sex with other people for money?

I think this question applies more to women. There's a higher demand for sex from women and people are willing to pay more. A guy being paid for sex isnt as probable a scenario. Personally I dont know what I would do under indecent proposal type circumstances.

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If you saw a 40 year old man kissing a 22 year old babe would you call the police ? 😈 🐦 ?

I think that happens a lot in my state. I remember working at mcdonald's a long time ago listening to my 16-17 year old co-workers bragging about making out with 30-40 year old men. Older men are sometimes more mature & better off financially and so they might be preferred in some instances. I wouldnt care if ppl did that in public. I would only hope I could be that lucky when im an old.

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What was one of your favorite accomplishments in life?

I think I'm just lucky not to have killed myself via overwork back when I did 12-16 hour labor shifts 7 days a week. There are a lot of ppl who make more money than I do, and have a lot of things I lack who seem to hate their lives, complain about everything and are bitter/unhappy. I feel good to have avoided that, whatever it is.

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Which is more important to you: someone who has a similar sense of humor, or someone who has similar interests?

I dont mind ppl who are completely different from me. Sometimes its better that way, they can compliment you in areas where you're lacking & challenge you to step a little outside your comfort zone & experience things you normally wouldn't think of trying, in a positive light.

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Has anyone ever said something to you that set you on a path to prove them wrong?

It usually takes 5-10 years for people to realize I was right about something. And then people still think they're right and you're wrong. Its never worth it. The only time proving people wrong has value is when it improves conditions in the world for yourself, your family or the people you care about. Otherwise, its more ego driven and a bit more pointless.

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If you were an anime character. Which character you want to be ? post a picture if you can.

One of the male characters from Naruto. There's some manliness preceding Naruto's generation, in terms of the burdens characters carried & things they dealt with. For a series that seems innocent and bland on the outside, there is some darkness and misery on the inside. Its hard to pick a favorite, there are so many good characters.

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