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Was having an argument with a friend over text and my patience thinned so I sent a voice msg and he immediately said you sound so sad and he apologized and said “fuck the argument don’t even try to bring it up again” and started cracking jokes so I’d laugh.
It made me feel like shit even more and I guess it justifies my feelings toward me.

فرق سنتين دا كويس الخطوبة ؟

سنتين؟ الدادي ايشوز جالها بانيك اتاك عندي.

بتلاقوا الرجاله الحلوه دي فين يا جدعان ؟

انا ملقتش حد معرفش

Someday we will meet light people who can change our lives 100% better. People who will make us love ourselves more. People who will let us forget our past, and start new good chapter with them.

You’re the only one who can change yourself to the better or worse.


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