Ask @xoMahalo:


Just was on ask today, noticed the drama is hotter than ever. No hate but being honest, you are all beyond rude to each other. From bashing someone's beliefs too indirectly talking crap. Some of you should be ICONS and leading your young fans AWAY from things like this. I support the LGBT+ community very strongly as I am apart of it. Do I hate someone because they don't, no. But do I think there is a line from such words? Yes. I think if your opinion may cause large amounts of drama (such as religion) you should best believe that you keep it to yourself. Let's be honest here, causing drama isn't on anyone's check list. We should bring groups into this either as it's not worth anyone's time. There are several successful groups such as delias, bitter, timeless,unique, eerie, and some others that I have seen rising in activity. I would like to point out that @k_cays has stated her opinion in a way where it wasn't offensive and disrespectful. I'm not saying we should all follow that and be just like her but what I'm saying is if what you think may cause drama then let's not share it. It's fine to believe what ever you want because NO ONE can change that but you. You don't need to support and you don't need to like it. I think both sides are being equally attacked from anons and strong believers. I might get hate for this too but I'm just sharing an opinion which, we all have. My opinion PERSONALLY is that everyone should be treated differently and that we should all have the same respect. If I'm going to get hate for that so be it! Toodles that's enough drama for me today baby!!

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