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I never wanted it to end. but when you find out the truth or prob you knew it now, you will want to end it now.

Reveal it to the world :))

im sorry that ive invaded your privacy. I understand if you are going to hate me. but im fine with it as i was in the wrong in the first place. youre most likely gonna dislike me & hate me. prob our friendship will end now.

Oh so you wanted it to end?


Sorry I missed out this part, no matter how close you are to a person there will obviously be something about them that you don't like, but that doesn't mean I hate that person overall. And I'm also sure there are stuff she doesn't like about me either. Even like I'm so close to xianna to the point that people even get "jealous" and don't like how close we are, there are still things we both don't like about each other. But that does not mean we totally DISLIKE each other and if I do DISLIKE Nicole 100% I wouldn't even put her as one of my treasured friends

if you don't like her, you can just be honest. don't need to put up a act.

I already said, there are some things I don't like about her, but I'm sure at least one of the reasons are the same for you and it's not like I go straight to her face tell her the exact opposite of all those, great acting btw!

you don't even like Nicole at all. stop pretending you like her.

Who is this and where is your evidence? Of course there will be things you won't like about a certain person but I obviously see her as my Friend still

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