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I love Taeny<3

hahah me too. i love @kimxtaeyeon_ 💖💖

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Hi Tiff:))

missed you bbs 😚💓

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which snsd members do u miss the most right now?

ALL 💗😭💗 but most importantly, @kimxtaeyeon_ because I feel like I haven't talked to her in so long & I'm worried about her condition. 😥

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Hi I'm IU rp and I came back after a year and I have nobody to talk to.. do you may have time or am I bothering? I wanna make friends since I'm alone here ^^ and you sound so nice so I wanna talk ☆

yes of course I have time!! 😊 I love making new friends here & I would love to talk to you!
I'll post this on my page so hopefully people see it & ask you questions again! 😉❤️

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Ayo! yoona roleplayer here #followed♡

omg i have been looking for a Yoona rp for so long 😊 nice to meet you haha. i really hope we can become good friends i will follow back 💕

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Hello ,I'm Taehyung #followed❣️

Hi Taehyung! nice to meet you 😊 thank you for following me!! i really hope we can become good friends on ask. I will follow back ❤️

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who do you consider your best friends on ask? or people that are just nice and kind to you that you talk to here?

all the people I listed answer both questions 😉
@nicqueenstyle @Beagleastro @kiddohyo @tyggss @SooyoungOfSNSD @sunshinexbabe @bora_and_sugar @kimxtaeyeon_ @idolschoolsnowbaby96 @kryskhloee @luhanishere @vouslove @Moebabe_
haven't talked to some of these people in a while 😭 but i love you all so much thank you for being such nice people and friends 💜💫 for those who haven't spoke to in a while or to those whom i have never been super close with, please send me questions & talk to me. i love you guys & I am supporting always!! 💗

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Its's BLACKPINK 1st Anniversary!1! Who's your bias? What is your wish for BLACKPINK future? @ccheonsa @jenndeukie @papillonsurlerose @lalislisa

Congrats Blackpink! 💗 so proud of you guys!! 😆 I don't really have a bias and I'm not close to any of them (although I really want to be). but i like all the members very much i've watched them on music programs and variety shows and they are soo talented. 😍 my only wish is that they stay together for more than a decade 💕

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Maybe just a kiss xD

ah I see I thought the +1 meant you followed me or something I was confused but thank you for the kiss i love you too cutie 😚💖

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i miss you too dear,i am waiting you in California,everyone is missing you

aww thank you bae love you 😚💕 send me questions often & stay n touch (;

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Hii , unnie 😊

omg is this Krystal?? 😌 I miss you so much!! hope you're having a great day cutie 💘 I followed & talk to me often 😊💕

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baby i hope you enjoyed your birthday even i wanted to be next to you,i couldnt...

it's okay, thank you boo 💕 I enjoyed my birthday party with the members a lot & I miss you so much. stay in touch always 💫

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and happy birthday bibi i hope all your wishes come true😧❤

I love you so much 💞 thank you for everything & YOUR TEASER 😭💖 go watch Tae's teaser guys. 😻🔥

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH! 😘 ilysm boo have a great day! low key miss KCON w/ you && TTS last year! ✨✨ but thats okay we'll always have other times 💖💖 also can't believe you're 29 !! 😱 have a nice day and remember me UNNIE. 👌 i'm always rooting for your 10th yr w/ SNSD. Love and Miss You! See ya soon sis

Nicole Belle
I miss you so much sis 💜 you & the squad mean everything to me. I miss my hometown and LA! 🌙 don't worry, we'll see each other soon. thanks for always keepin' in touch ✨🌸 love you so so much 💓 xoxo

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Baby Happy Birthday ❤❤

aw thank you!! 💘 I just sent you something when you sent me this haha 😂 have a good day ✨ & thank you too for always supporting me i love you so much babe 💞 can't wait for your teaser you are gonna be beautiful as always ☀️☀️☀️

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080189 🎂✨

10 years ago, when I was 18, I debuted. 🎶
10 years later & today I am finally 28. 💫
thank you for always supporting me for the past ten years. I love you. 💖
#holidaynight..🌹 #comingsoon 😘

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" H O L I D A Y 🎂 N I G H T "

available worldwide august 4th, 2017 [ physical album available august 7th!* ]
✨🌸 an album to commemorate the special, 10 years spent with SNSD ✨🌸
so hyped to finally release this ✨ 그것에 기대 💝😚
#holiday🌟 #allnight🌙 #TIFFANY💅

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Heyy hey sweetie hehe😎 I'm Natty here. Nice too meet u unnie😍

Hi Natty, nice to meet you too! 💕 I'll support Idol School always. fighting!! 💪

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Tiff ❤️

KHLOE 😚💗 I miss you. I followed you 😊

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Hey Unnie~ I'm Snowbaby from Idol School. Nice to meet you. #Followed❤️

thank you Snowbaby 💓 I followed back. Have a good day!

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SM groups are so hot and sexy and I can't wait to see nct DReam get a sexy concept 💦 😍 👅

not all SM groups are. (at least not yet haha) but I think the dreamies are supposed to be more of an innocent & cute boy group act. (not saying they can't be sexy). I hoenstly love NCT Dream though they are soo cute! 💘 i don't think they'll do a sexy concept anytime soon but as far as I know EXO used to act like cute school boys & they started doing really sexy concepts last year. I can't control SM's decision with the dreamies but I know they are going to have a great comeback no matter what!! 👶💚

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can you tag all the girls generation members? i wanna know their accs even if you're not sure. thanks steph

@kimxtaeyeon_ @sunshinexbabe @sjhsjh_s @SooYoungOfSNSD @yoona___lim @yulyulkk_21 @kiddohyo
tried my best 😁💕

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finally... #10YEARS 💖


im following you already😃💕💕 how are you^^?

I'm doing well! thank you so much for asking!! you are so kind & I appreciate that about your personality 😇💞

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