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Your profile makes me happy.


you yourself makes me happy.

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i miss you so much : ( literally cries myself a river tbh.

Soojung Efron.

little do you know.
i miss you too

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i'll miss you. i don't wanna say goodbye. because i wanna see you again. please come back. i'll be waiting. just like i've always been from the past 5 months. for you. always for you.

but on the real note who is this / : at least let me cherish you in return. chingu-ah, come to me.

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Someone you miss?

channie chan chan yeol / :

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You should just leave Kbbu

Do you wanna be attached anytime soon?

already am with a.

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Do you have a crush? If so, give a hint of who they are.

five letters.
. . .
b o r a m

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girls like yeri,naeun,chorong and boram should get lost.

Favorite nickname?

baby girl.

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Tomato head


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annoying brat. i miss you. come back soon, oh?

yes, miss n.

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i miss you.


i miss you more.

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longest couple in a relationship here?

hong jackson and queen rong

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i- fall in love with your frustrated face on opening snack *^*

Yook Sungjae

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Which one among your friends are the person you never thought you'd ever be friends or close with? Why?

because i was and still am
an annoying brat towards her.
she handles me very well.
so precious. pats her face.

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What would you think if you caught your partner(pretend you have one if you dont) watching porn?

sit on his lap and watch with him.

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Did you ever had a crush on your close friend’s partner?


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How many babies would you want to have in the future?

i want triplets.
like daehan, minguk and manse

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What frustrates you the most?

when i can't open my snacks. / :

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what makes you sad?

when the important people in my life are sad.

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holds your hand and gently rubs my thumb against yours. u w u

s u j e o n g ♡

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Tbh; Boram

wants someone to hold her hand and do that
little thumb rubby thingy

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