Ask @xstephhunnie:

You should take sneak peek pics of your room on IG so we can see how you decorate your room so far. You always have such a cute sense of home decor. :)

LOL I have little to no decorations up! I want to decorate my walls but I'm super duper short (how sad T.T) so its impossible for me to do on my own. LOL Hopefully I'll get everything up soon!

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How do you keep your strapless tops from falling down? I remember you mentioning the gel bra from target? how much was it? & have you used adhesive tape before?

I think its $20 ish! I have but it doesnt work so i wouldnt suggest you waste your money on adhesive tape. Just make sure your top is fitted!

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I have a HUGE crush on this guy, I have no idea how to strike up a convo with him. I have one class with him but I can't really talk to him during class or lunch because we don't have the same lunch. :(

Hm.. Are you guys close enough to txt, talk on the comp, or hang out? Just get to know him and be yourself! See if you guys click!

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I really want braces, but my family can't afford them. I was wondering how did you get braces? I go to college and my teeth are really shitty. LOL, I don't like smiling or talking to people, I feel like having straight teeth will give me confidence, but braces and college sound like an expensive. ):

I felt like that too! :/ Braces are getting more exp every year. Im getting mines done in a graduate school! Its cheaper and just as good :)

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