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Pt1// (Warning this is a long one:p) being a beautiful,well mannered, good hearted,intelligent &hard working girl makes you my role model steph. Ive been struggling so bad academically :( ive always been told im smart but lazy but things used to fall into places ok.

First off, aw! Thanks so much :') I'm so flattered!
You are not dumb or awful. Do not say you hate yourself! I actually just went through this recently. I haven't been able to concentrate and felt so unmotivated. I knew I had work to get done, but I always ended up watching a drama or on youtube. I think you need to tell yourself to cut the crap and shape up. Think about your goals and re-evaluate yourself. What makes you motivated? What do you want out of life? If you want to make your parents proud, then work for it. Yeah, still give yourself some leisure time just so you stay sane but shape up! Do the work. As for English & essays, it just takes practice! Don't be afraid to ask for extra credit. What is the worse that can happen? She might say no. Is it that bad? Don't you rather ask than to not know and be afraid? At least you can say you've tried! Don't feel shameful and don't compare yourself to anyone. You're you and you work at a different pace. Block out what expectations they have of you and focus solely on yourself. You know that feeling of accomplishment you get when you think about everything you completed during the day? Work for that! Go to sleep knowing that you had a productive day. It's all self motivation and its all dependent on yourself. Work for it. "If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you lost." There is no shortcut! Work for what you want and make not your parents, but yourself proud!
I hope I'm not coming off as too brutal or mean! I'm just trying to motivate you with tough love :P Take care girl! I'm here if you need me<3

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Steph youre honestly the sweetest i hope i grow up to be like you so genuine and warm we're grateful to have you in our lives! (Or cyber lives haha) xoxo i wish you were my sister/bestie youre so inspiring you dont even know!

Sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much<3 You have no idea how much it means to me to come across sweet messages! These comments remind me why I put my life out there! I'm so flattered to be able to inspire you. Thank you soo much for your love and support! :') Hopefully I can really get to know some of you through the internet Xx Maybe through twitter or instagram? We can chat! ^^

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I think you and Viv have been getting more hate lately because more people are starting to notice you guys! #TeamZhu4lyfe LOL(: I can't wait for your college 101 series!! Btw I'll be a junior in high school this coming fall, and I'm super afraid it's gonna be a stressful & nervewrecking year ):

Hey! :) Aww, thanks for the support! (#teamzhu :P) I'm uploading the first part of my dorm tour, but my breathing is SO heavy and I say "um" about 10 million times. I'm so annoyed at myself but I know I won't refilm it.. so I'm just gonna upload it anyways!
Junior year was pretty stressful for me, but I'd say that the first half of senior year was way worse! Junior year was hard because of all the AP classes and SAT courses/exams! Just hang in there. It flies by! Study hard and stay motivated. You'll get through!<3

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do people ever accuse you of having an eating disorder because you're so thin?

Yeah, and it's really rude. I don't understand why people think it's appropriate to say things like "ew too skinny" or "eat a burger." Yet, they know (usually) not to say "ew too fat." It's really the same thing. It's really offensive and ignorant.

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