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PAP an artificial smile!

"Talking" to someone?


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do you live in an apartment

Why are yall always in everyone's business

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op on Devin Taylor

I have nothing nice to say about him so

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Is it okay for a man to hit a woman if she hits him first?


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From the other day

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Hahaha honestly speaking: Have you ever gotten a bare bottomed spanking? (as a punishment, NOT in sexual way) Stings like hell!


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where are you staying tonight???

what's it to ya?

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who's taybae114 on snap

@ the last question. I was not being rude. It's literally none of my business or yours. I don't know why you people are so obsessed with others lives and what they're doing or who they're with or where at.

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op on @Rj0414 and @hailey_bear233 being friends again?

None of my business

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Were you more of a good kid or more of a bad kid?😂


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Youre welcome! Wyd rn?

Trying to make plans with some people for today.

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Thank you!

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Pap of you from last night

What did you do?

I was with Kaitlin and we went on a hug by/hug out spree 😂 then hungout with some friends afterwards for a few

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How was your night?

Filled with adventures

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pap of snap besties!

Nah. I don't even talk to any of em besides for streaks so

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how come on snapchat everyone has A or Aa in front of their friends name?

No clue what you're talking about

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Happy Valentine's Day! How are you going to spend it?


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when does spring break start for Ncms

No clue

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Ever been given a wedgie or been pantsed? Which one and who did it? 😂


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