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Goodbye and i love you... :')

If I should stay
I would only be in your way
So I'll go but I know
I'll think of you every step
Of the way
And I will always love you
You was the best thing that happens in my life
And nothing will come like
I miss you :"") miss your pretty face <3 your gorgeous eyes ;*
Your smile, your lough :$ your stupidity =)) <33
I miss all your details ~
You are one of a kind
Can control my mind, smile, mood, feelings,
You can do whatever you want with me
A voice a picture a loughter, a smile ! A small thing from you
Will change my whole mood from bad to good from good to better
I'll never ever forget you ~ you'll always going to be here <3
I swear i think about you every single night ! Every secend
I don't know what to say more :'') i've nothing now
Now there's no more you anymore ! I can't stand that !
I hope that someday you come back,, i'll be waiting for you !
Goodbye my love,, goodbye my loughter, goodbye my happiness
Take care don't cary, and don't you ever be sad !! Don't you ever drop a tear :'( !!
Be happy ;'D Smile and lough cuz when you lough :D the whole world lough and feel joy :'D <3
Lough !! becouse everyone around you needs it,
Lough !! becouse your lough is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen <333
I'd give my life for you <3 to be safe and happy,,,
I'll pray for you to be safe and happy no matter how my heart breaks
I'll just love u and wish the best for you and your happiness is all what i want :') <3
Bittersweet memories
That's all I'm taking with me
So goodbay
I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you Ever dreamed of
And I wish you joy and happiness
But above all this I wish you love
And I will always love you
Bye :'** <'33

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مسآاءكك فرح إن شاااء الله :) :$ صفحةة بِ الحييييل جمميلةة , شدّتني جملة " ولدتني امرأة وعلمتني امرأة وأحببت امرأة وسأتزوج امرأة فكيف لا احترم النساء؟ " شدتني كثيراً لِ رؤيةة وقراءة مايخطه قلمكك :) ربنآا يرزُقكك باللي نفسكك في ويعطيك اكثر من ماتتمنى ^^ * بِ المناسبة أضفتُك ل قائمة الجميلين لدي :$

إينآس ,,~
مساء الورد
امييين ياارب شكرا هذا من ذوقك
يشرفني والله ؛$ ^_^

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