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Tbh- I miss playing vball with you! And doory misses you too! It been forever since you've seen him and he's really sad! And you're also flawless!:)

Thanks Hailey!

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top 10 grade 11 males at Beth ?

1) A Mac last year ❤️
2) Hans Nuque next year
3) Allen Alemania
4) Mr. Ross
5) Tim John
6) William Chase Kozicki
7) Jodeci
8) Drew Gabruch 2 years ago
9) Parker T
10) Me next year

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Top 10 grade 12 males at beth.

1) A Mac ❤️ luv him lots
2) Hans Nuque in 2 years
3) Tombe Tombay
4) J2
5) Crazy Legs
6) Brice Rawldyke
7) Tristan Rizaldo
8) Aljon
9) Malual Mal
10) Austin Aichele

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Well I dream about you..

Adesa Francis

Well who doesn't?

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What do you dream about?


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Oops forgot to take off anon


U suk

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Tbh: Hola fellow filipino, we just started talking recently and I already feel like we are close! You have great humour and your a beaut, you & Aaron are my fav couple! Peace love and harmony

Salmon kuya & ew wer not a couple groz

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Thoughts; janyne wow do i miss you! You're so pretty! Text me sometime!

Kelseigh Hinz☕️

Let's hang sometimeeee!

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Janyne!! The one time we met was really fun(even tho I was a third wheel) you have that charisma that makes me want to say anything to you, and whatever you say to me may it be good or bad, I know your thoughtful about it! Text me sometime

Austin Blais

Awe thanks Austin! (:

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Tbh janyne. Youre a goof and i miss you soo much. Ive known you for soo long and we have had our ups and downs but im glad we got through them. Youre so pretty and i hope to see you soon. Happy eastah

I'm guessing this is Chayse..? :b anyways thanks gurl! I really miss yaa & we should really catch up sometime!

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You stink

U scared 2 come off anon er what

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I'll throw a timbit at you


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Eye hab sew match moe sweg then yew dew

R u shur, cuz mii sweg levels r ova da top

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Ew sweg iz 4 lussers.

Hop off ma sweg anon

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sorry this tbh is late but tbh wow we went to elementary school together and you're really pretty and nice :) Talk to me sometime!

Skyla Burwash

So are you! Thanks Skyla :*

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tbh you went to gerard with me and you're just the cutest, sweetest girl ever! Rate- 9

Katrina Phippard

Thanks Katrinaa! (:

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tbh; janyne <3 I feel like we've been getting on better terms lately which is great :) you're so adorable xD and dude, your style tho <3 lol, text me more often :p

Sophia J.

Awee, thanks Sophia, ily. ❤️

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Tbh. Youre sooo smart, im actualy super duper jelous of you, you have great friends and you are awesome, we dont talk much but i wish we did hang out. Youre also really good at basketball and volley ball. Haha so is angela, anyways youre also really pretty and youre great at speaking french. Ur cool

BCHS Just Us Gurls

Thanks guys, but there's nothing to be jealous about, haha!

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Carter McKay

Hey Carter! I think you're really nice although we don't talk as much. But I think we should more considering we're in the same band! I hear you're really good when it comes to music! Oh & you're pree funny too!

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Best feature; EVERYTHING. Frick.

zeya nicolas

R u hi or sumthing

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Likers get tbh?

Sure thing b

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Austin Blais

Thx aaron lolol

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Tbh, hey Janyne! I've only met you once but you were such a sweetheart and absolutely gorgeous(: id love to get to know you haha message me sometime! Rate: 10

Wow, thanks Danelle! It was great meeting ya at camp (: let's catch up sometime!

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