Ask @yanakivel:

Don't leave us, bae🌸

Im just so inactive in other social medias because I pay too much attention on ask
And this is not that app where I wanna spend my time
I always trying keep my list of social medias as minimum as I can. And also I always trying to get rid of unnecessary and useless things in my life. is one of that things
Cant lie it was really nice and cool to answer your questions guys. But now its time to delete ask forever. Bye <3
And also Im answering in English because its more mentally easy for me to express my thoughts cause not everyone know English it c:
Im gonna wait few hours so people can read this and understand the reason why Im deleting it. But tbh idk why that many people focus on me deleting my ask so much. This is not my only social media

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Назови топ 10городов России,которые ты знаешь и которые может быть когда-нибудь посетила

Можно я просто побомблю? Меня так раздражает, когда люди пишут "я живу в жопе мире, ты о таком городе даже и не слышала, я живу в Уфе" или "ты знаешь город Екатеринбург? Нет наверное (((((". ВЫ МЕНЯ ТУПОЙ СЧИТАЕТЕ, ИЛИ КАК? Я слышала о процентах 70 русских городов уж точно. И крупные города я знаю >_<

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