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What is your least favorite aspect of making art/writing?

The execution of it, ahaha. Planning is the fun part. Releasing and watching people livetweet is the fun part. Actually staying up late hours, loading yourself with coffee (or whiskey) and DOING THE WORK is not a whole lot of fun on the whole. I do enjoy writing dialogue and I do enjoy that feeling when I've finished a scene, but yeah. Even when it's something I genuinely want to write, sometimes it feels a little like having my teeth pulled.

I've read writing advice that's like "If you don't enjoy writing a scene, is it really necessary?" or tells me to reexamine what I'm doing, but I kind of think that's crap. I love all of the work I do for VNs, all the personal writing I do for myself (not much these days). I wouldn't plan it out and take it on if I didn't. But I'm allowed to not like parts of it, parts that I've deemed necessary and not cut-outable. :'D

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Hey Lore! Do you have any advice for dealing with anxiety or at least the things you've done that have helped you... in particular... during job hunting and/or interviews :O

Since I trained in interview for academic decathlon back in high school, somehow interviews don't really scare me as much anymore... I mean I have general anxiety when I know I have to have one, but I'm a lot more anxious after the interview than before...!

Try thinking of them more like a conversation with your potential bosses so that you can both get to know each other better to see if you're a good fit for a job. Don't think of it as them evaluating you. Be confident with your answers and try not to practice canned responses too much—people can totally see through them. Self-deprecating humor is ok, but don't go overboard to the point where you're just bashing yourself and making you sound like a horrible potential employee. Instead of saying "umm" and "uhh" a lot while bumbling through an improv, try saying "that's a good question" when you're stumped and then you can be silent for several seconds while you think of a decent answer. I think that helps a lot in looking more confident.

I try to reward myself whenever I do something really taxing socially. After my interview for my current job, I had a great meal and a wonderful day with friends. I guess I reached a point where I realized that if I didn't take charge for my own life, no one else could do it for me. So once I took the initial plunge to apply for jobs and stuff, it wasn't that bad after. Try to visualize all the good things that will come after you get this job (psst think of the money) and like I said, reward yourself for filling out an application or going to an interview. It's hard doing those things, even for people who don't have anxiety.

I don't think that you should coddle yourself or allow others to coddle you so that you never leave your comfort zone. That's not really healthy for anyone in the long term. But do recognize challenges and reward yourself well for meeting milestones and stuff!

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Is there something you found out about yourself while using ASKfm?

That I really like answering questions for some reason.

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Conscience? Why u always arguing with me?

You're going down a bad, bad road

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What's the best way to get your attention?

Give me money

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Whos this?

Your conscience

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what are some criticisms you have of the otome genre as a whole?

I want more variation in the types of guys rather than the tried and true formula of cold guy + sweet guy + hot-blooded guy + the wacky outliers. And I'd like more games with older characters (RIP Double Score)... I'd also like more games set outside of Japan/Asia/England, haha. We're moving towards this sort of change slowly, though. I can wait! Really I'd just like to see otome companies/groups take more risks!

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What can you think about for hours?

Cute girls...and sadistic 2D boys c:

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Should we read a lot of books?

Yes! Of course, I may be a bit biased since I'm a writer and also work in a book store.........but reading is good for character!!

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Name your three biggest weaknesses!

Crippling perfectionism, social anxiety/being bad at talking in front of crowds, and my kneejerk tendency to want to avoid problems instead of solving them.

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ask is lit af tonight 😂


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How do you handle people you don't like?

Avoid them...? In most cases it's just a compatibility issue, which means it's not just them, but also a problem on my end. I don't hate them or anything, so there's no need for confrontation, I just won't go out of my way to interact with them.

I think I have a pretty high tolerance level, though, so I don't get mad or come to dislike people very easily in the first place... I had to really think about this! Once I've cut ties with someone, I'd just rather never see or speak to them ever again.

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How did your parents react to you coming out of the closet for your sexuality?

I haven't actually told my parents that I prefer women yet. One time I tried to explain that I was asexual (I identify as a Grey-A) to my mom and her response was basically "Oh that's normal! I don't really like sex, either, but it's an inevitability of life." and that was.........really alarming....................................

I don't think my parents would disown me or anything for being a lesbian, I just don't see a point in telling them this kind of stuff until I'm in a serious, committed relationship or something.

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Take a picture of your home library.

Here's my extremely messy bookshelf. I do have other books kept in another room that I refer to less often, so books here are ones I plan to read soonish or look at a lot.

Top shelf is all otome games and (hidden) BL manga... :') There's josei/shoujo on the second shelf, then a bunch of books on writing/style/grammar, comics, art books, mythology times, and various novels of various genres. The Good Earth, The Princess Bride, I, Robot, the Bell Jar, The Iliad, and my collection of Faulkner novels are all kept in a row on the third shelf. That's the good stuff. I also have a whole chunk of rare Japanese poetry books from when I was neck-deep in Hana Awase research/obsession, too. It's a very messy shelf, though, I keep meaning to organize it...

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What would you do if you found a celebrity's phone?

I mean it would probably be locked anyway, right... So I'd just go and turn it in to the police or drop it off at their agency or something like that.

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Hi lore I was curious what websites and/or things help you with understanding Japanese audio? It's easier for me to understand written then spoken and I want to balance it out some so I'm good with both. Thanks!!

I just listen to a bunch of drama CDs, haha, usually of the otome or BL variety. And idol radio shows! Before I developed a social life, I was buying and listening to like a dozen different Japanese drama CDs a month (at least). I don't buy them so much anymore, but my backlog of CDs in my closet could probably be laid out into a 5-mile line, sooooo.

With drama CDs, since you have to rely on what you hear to understand what's going on (compared to watching things, where you get at least visual cues), they really help you develop your audio comprehension. That's literally the only thing I've done—I don't use any other websites for this kind of thing.

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Do you need a new daddy? 😏💦💦


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Would you ever want to clone yourself?

YES I WOULD so we could split all the work I have to do and be in multiple places at once... And I'm a perfectionist but I trust myself, at least, most days!

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I just wanted to tell you that youve been such a huge inspiration to me. When i was doing this major writing project for my history class, reading your wwlos blog and seeing how much you did every day inspired me to write more and work harder! Even now one of the reasons I'm planning out a (1/2)

(2/2) comic and a vn is because i've seen you work so hard and write the stories you wanted to write. One day I really hope I can reach the level of dedication and hard work that you have! :D


Oh gosh thank you so much!! This is super sweet. I wish you the best of luck with your projects. I love VNs because there's almost no barrier to entry. Anyone can make one about anything and I think that's so awesome.

Honestly, I used to be a bit flakey when I was growing up, always starting stories in notebooks and never finishing them... But there's really nothing that compares to the feeling of finishing a project that you started. I definitely have my lazy, unproductive days, but if you work at it you get better. Habits take a while to develop. I still have a long way to go but let's both work hard together! ;w;!!

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What is the best way to say goodbye?

I wouldn't know, as I just spent 10 minutes doing the whole "you hang up first NO YOU HANG UP FIRST" with my girlfriend, so.

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Do you have some tips regarding buying Japanese VNs? I'm really late for the party and my Japanese sucks at this moment, but I really DO want to support companies (and run patches/text hookers on LEGAL VERSIONS), I just feel really overwhelmed by Japanese flash sites and empty stocks :c

I buy most of my games from AmiAmi or CDJapan nowadays, but FromJapan lets you buy direct from Japanese stores ( so you can get tokutens and stuff. Just make sure you cross-reference tokuten lists so you can get the extra reward(s) that you want. If you don't care so much about that and just want to get the game, AmiAmi is probably the cheapest way to do that.

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Best job you ever had?

Every job I've ever had has had its challenges and things I didn't like... I got paid the best as a tutor but I actually enjoy writing, so. WORKING IS HARD.

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Hey Lore! Can you give tips on how to stay focused while writing and not get distracted? (Esp for long periods of time)

I think successful focus methods will vary because everyone's attention span and personality are different... But here's some tips from a perfectionist with a short attention span (but who also can't rest until a task is done).

- Set up rituals. Caffeine does nothing for me, but sometimes if I'm restless, I go downstairs and brew myself a cup of coffee. The act of grinding the beans, boiling the water, etc relaxes me and helps me "reset" so I can focus. Making coffee is a ritual. People do this with songs, too. If you get used to listening to one song before you get down to business, hearing the song will put you in a more serious mindset. Routine is a powerful thing.

- Speaking of music, I either have to listen to music with no lyrics or I loop one song for hours. Eventually, once I get focused, I tune the music out, so it's really more about putting myself in the right mood and atmosphere to work.

- Disable social media, turn off your internet, maybe go out and work in a library... Do things to remove distractions from around you. In general, those things can wait. I set my phone to this Do Not Disturb mode, but my family can still reach me in the case of an emergency because their numbers are added to a whitelist. Stuff like that helps. Sometimes if I'm extremely distracted, I get someone to lock me out of accounts by changing the passwords. A lot of times when I try to access social media, it's just reflexive habit, not because I actively want to look at Tumblr or whatever, so being locked out helps a lot.

- Have and work on outlines. Outlines are very important. If I'm blocked, sometimes I just flesh out the outline as a step before actual writing, like go from the barebones "Viola and Christian get into an argument" to "Viola and Christian are enjoying a cup of tea when Christian says something rude about her piercings and she goes off on him." It's easier to write when you know what you're going to write. Even if things end up changing between the outline and the final product that's fine—the point is to go over these ideas and have some sort of plan.

- Break down tasks. For me, the hardest part is just getting started. Once I start, I will finish. So I coax myself into work. "Just write one sentence. Just finish this one scene. Just finish this block of scenes." Once I find myself writing and satisfied with my work, it's easier to will myself to keep writing—to "just do a little bit more"—in order to keep the momentum going.

- Depending on which works better for you, set up rewards and punishments for productivity. "If I finish writing this scene, I can play Granblue Fantasy for 20 minutes. If I don't finish this, I can't eat that piece of cake."

- Finally, sort out your problems/stress. Sleep/eat properly or else you might be unhealthy or in a poor mood. Most times if you're blocked or distracted, there is a personal reason for it, often unrelated to the work itself. Figure out what it is, deal with it, and then get back to work

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but which mobile games are your favorites?

I cycle through mobage a lot... Like I'll be super interested in one for several weeks, then fall off. Right now the only one I'm playing much is Granblue Fantasy. Iiiii have a feeling I will be stuck with it for at least a couple months. I still have Starlight Stage, Yumecast, and Battlegirls High School installed, but I barely ever touch them.

I actually would probably still be into Yumecast now but I ragequit after I didn't get a ranking I wanted in an event (missed it by 1) so I got stuck with a (in my opinion) crappy and somewhat humiliating permanent title in huge bronze letters on my profile. >_<

I tend towards rhythm games and/or male idol games.

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What's your middle name?

Fun fact: I don't have one. My immigrant parents didn't understand the concept of a middle name, so they left it blank on my birth certificate.

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