Take a picture of your home library.

Here's my extremely messy bookshelf. I do have other books kept in another room that I refer to less often, so books here are ones I plan to read soonish or look at a lot.
Top shelf is all otome games and (hidden) BL manga... :') There's josei/shoujo on the second shelf, then a bunch of books on writing/style/grammar, comics, art books, mythology times, and various novels of various genres. The Good Earth, The Princess Bride, I, Robot, the Bell Jar, The Iliad, and my collection of Faulkner novels are all kept in a row on the third shelf. That's the good stuff. I also have a whole chunk of rare Japanese poetry books from when I was neck-deep in Hana Awase research/obsession, too. It's a very messy shelf, though, I keep meaning to organize it...

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