Hi lore I was curious what websites and/or things help you with understanding Japanese audio? It's easier for me to understand written then spoken and I want to balance it out some so I'm good with both. Thanks!!

I just listen to a bunch of drama CDs, haha, usually of the otome or BL variety. And idol radio shows! Before I developed a social life, I was buying and listening to like a dozen different Japanese drama CDs a month (at least). I don't buy them so much anymore, but my backlog of CDs in my closet could probably be laid out into a 5-mile line, sooooo.
With drama CDs, since you have to rely on what you hear to understand what's going on (compared to watching things, where you get at least visual cues), they really help you develop your audio comprehension. That's literally the only thing I've done—I don't use any other websites for this kind of thing.

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