What is your least favorite aspect of making art/writing?

The execution of it, ahaha. Planning is the fun part. Releasing and watching people livetweet is the fun part. Actually staying up late hours, loading yourself with coffee (or whiskey) and DOING THE WORK is not a whole lot of fun on the whole. I do enjoy writing dialogue and I do enjoy that feeling when I've finished a scene, but yeah. Even when it's something I genuinely want to write, sometimes it feels a little like having my teeth pulled.
I've read writing advice that's like "If you don't enjoy writing a scene, is it really necessary?" or tells me to reexamine what I'm doing, but I kind of think that's crap. I love all of the work I do for VNs, all the personal writing I do for myself (not much these days). I wouldn't plan it out and take it on if I didn't. But I'm allowed to not like parts of it, parts that I've deemed necessary and not cut-outable. :'D

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