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Likers get Views // What views to give to you? I love your nature. You've always been there when I wanted you even when there was no one in my life. You mean alot. And I miss you. We've not been talking lately but still you're a good friend. Now whatsapp me rn. Iloveyou cutes ❤👀

haha...that was sweet💞
LoveYou Simss❤

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what do you prefer beauty or nature in a girl?

Nature or character is anyday more important to me than a girls beauty.
For me inner beauty is more important than outer.
The sexiest women is not with the Curvaceous figure or voluptuous personality.
A girl is not beautiful or sexy only if she wears a croptop or shorts, or the one who can do catwalk on the ramp,A girl is beautiful coz she stands tall despite of all the mess in her life. The sexiest girl is the girl who has a broken heart,a wounded soul and a sad past but still carries herself with grace and dignity.
The sexiness of a girl lies in the smile on her face inspite of the fact that she is fighting a battle deep inside her heart and soul.
Find the beauty of a girl in her polished and illuminated soul and not on the shinning skin on her body.❤

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