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Ohh I see,,, and how do u feel about what is happening in Ukraine? 😅🤔

it is unpleasant ofc, hopefully all resolves soon

Hahaha u sure keep yourself busy with studying Oh I didn't go out today hahaha I just stayed in bed

not really tbh, i am studying kinda less than before, but all is good!
well i am sure it is a well deserved rest :)

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Ohhh I see,,, yeah u have a point cuz I can express more in English hahaha I guess Arabic has a very strong words and meaningful one! Russian wow? I did not know u r interested in those things

mhm i think arabic has super strong words that know how to twist one's emotions, so expressing in english can feel lighter!
well russian is my first language 😅

Hahaha it is the first time in a while u say u have and off day 😂 Bu still u said u gonna study in it... Hope the best for you and be aware cuz I think there will be unstable weather this weekend I guess

oh yea i had 2 other off days before but they were right before an exam lol so can't really count them as an off day 😅 hmm really? didn't hear about that, today the weather is priceless😭😭😭

Regarding your answer... Maybe English is easily to express since our native language tend to to be more cheerful?

for me i think that english feels more distant or somewhat less expressive. maybe that is why it is easier to express through it, it feels lighter and less serious(?).
like no way someone can reach me with english words the same way they would with arabic ones, arabic is so so fascinating wallah 😭
btw for me russian is on similar level of expressiveness to arabic, but i am less exposed to russain literature than arabic one

Morning I watched matches all day long hahahah Since it is my off I will be Extra lazy 😅 Wbu

i had today off as well, but since i have an exam on sunday i should be studying lol, but the weather is great and i am feeling good, so enjoying the feeling mostly

Morning!! Well a couple of bad things happened at work,, but everything is under control now... So your plans for today Hope u have a good day!

good evening! oh sorry to hear that :\ hope all will get even better!
well i had uni at noon today so i just slept after i came back 😅 wby? what did you do?

Well yes i did eat,,,, anyway good evening! How was your day? Did u watch the opening world cup ceremony? 😅

good evening! i spent most of it sleeping lol, wby?
i didn't.... guess why :)

Hope u get good results at the end! *cheering for u * 😂👋 Well it does tastes the same but uhm like small ingredients might differ and change the taste somehow or another 😂 * i just came back from the gym and i am extremely hungry but to lazy to make food 😂💔

thank you thank you!
idk it all feels the same for me, or maybe i just enjoy all of them lol
hope you did eat eventually 😅

Properly everything 😂 But these days i am keen on creep or cake (German cake or moose)

uwu zaki
i like to try new things but ig they all taste the same eventually? like all donuts taste the same imo

Heyyy!! Please tell me u have finished all of your exams and assignments 😂😂😂😂 Like u r 24/7 occupied with them!

hiiii! well i have yet another exam on sunday the 27th, but since i am starting gyne (it is a two months rotation), so no exams for two months lol
and yes in fifth year we literally have an exam every two weeks or every month depending on the rotation

Morning!! Please tell me u did good in your exam 😅 *fingers crossed * Well my week wad kind of " meh"

good evening!!
well yea i hope i did lol manifesting here works well !
well meh is better than bad right 😭

Holaaa!! Haha in work? U can say i am doing good... So how was your day?

glad to hear!
well mostly studying because i have an exam tomorrow
ahem so ✨manifesting perfect grades in dermatology✨

Hey how u doing? Sorry i just slept and went to work ans now i am. Home 😅 Is your mind still locking any info from getting in? 😂

hihi i am doing good enough, wby? how was work?
well my mind is trying its best ok.... 😂😂

Well not that great tbh,,, one of my work colleagues sat on my chair and my work glass were on it and they got broken beyond repair.... Uhm what is your plans for the rest of the night?

oh god that must have been not nice 😭
well i think today will be off studying wise, i really can't take in any info, so just a chat with a friend. wby?

How u doin? Hope u had a good day in uni! Hahah my vpn has a lot of ads ans and I can't even stand it 😂

i am doing good enough, wby?
and yes my day was nice thanks for asking! how was work?
oh i have mine as an extension on google chrome + i have adblock so all is good, except the time thingy

الله يسلمك ❤️ Non got hurt thank God,, Well yes u r right but my point was like to have order in your day rather than having a messy one... Anyway, what are you doing now?

yes yes having routines helps with the peace of mind!
i have to sleep since i have uni tomorrow, and i was gonna answer you half an hour ago, but the vpn thingy kicked me out and was like *wait 30 mins* lol.
so goodnight!!

Yes it was a serious one,,, i made an accident 😅 It was my bad,,, but i am fine now Tbh i hate the change of my routine i like to have a smooth daily Routine i know some people don't like having the same routine but i am fine with it... Wbu? Do u like to have a different routine?

الحمدلله على السلامة، إن شاء الله ما تشوف شر
i hope all is good now and no one got hurt 😭
i think routines are cool when they put things in order, but sometimes there is room for little improvements right? so ig as long as it works why not try something new

Tbh i had a rough weekend 😅 I don't i think i am healing from what happened.. No i don't like it,,, it changed how my work schedule tbh It is fine consider it as a time for yourself, u can't have all of the your life for studying i guess

i am sorry you had a tough weekend :/ was it something serious? i hope everything is ok and that you will get better fast. oh makes sense you won't like it 😅 ofc i can't but i have exams constantly lol, but i am taking time off as well sure


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