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What’s a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

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Save go for your goals as soon as possible and for yourself because in the end nobody’s really truly going to be there for you
Dear younger self:
Remember this, you are so special it’s scary, it’s scary because you are so innocent, people are going to be jealous of your happiness, and there will be those who fall in love with your happiness, and those who want to destroy it. Trust your gut. Go to your dad, do not hide a single thing from him, the second you feel threatened, get help. I love you. I know you will get help and not make the mistake I made, and hide all my problems for the fear of the unknown. Do not hold it in chase. Let it go, and you’ll find that once you do, you’ll unlock a strength that not even the devil himself can kill.
Don’t hit the block, I missed to many opportunities to make it out and I chose my neighborhood over them.. I’m doing good now thank GOD but I could’ve done more. Running a muck was fun as a youngster but now I don’t care about what happens in the hood.

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