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Tbh me

james_antonio08’s Profile PhotoJames Antonio
you are my happiness , my phant 🐘 u are always there for me ❤️ and i like it when u smile bcs when u are happy, i feel happy too 😌 u slalu care about me and u are very protective of me and u suka ngocehin i tdr mlm n stuffs 😂 but i love that u care 🙈 u are someone i can always count on and trust with no doubt 💯 u cute jg hehee and i like it when u kiss my hair and pat my head. i feel like i m the younger one and the childish one when i m with u bcs u slalu so mature 👍🏻 age is not a barrier btwn us when we are together 👌🏻
i m glad that u are mine 😘 #blessed😇
lots of love xx. ❤️❤️

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desc me dong 💩 #sorrylagikurker 😊😁

annieselnas_’s Profile Photoannies
friendly and easy going yo
bawell hoho and kadang rusuh di klas omg kangen bgt dah lama g ketemu dulu tiap hr ketemu sampe enek lol
i inget gt tulisan u bgs 🙆🏻
good sister slalu post or snap ttg cici/ade nya
jagoo basket 💯
dah punyaa 💕 longlast ayee
tiap hr skype sm cowo ny so sweet loh 😭

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Tbh wehh

kevinxros’s Profile PhotoKevin Fernando
rly tbh u baik
maybe sm certain ppl only tho
lucky to know u bcs u helped me out a lot💯
dealt with my craps dumbness and dramas @ skul🙆🏻
caring and peka (really)
trlalu sering galau , try to change ur mindset ! tembok kasian wehh😂
smart ass🙄
great chef woo👍🏻
i trust u w/o doubt , eventho u might not be v trustworthy but i still trust u 😉
i can always talk to u , but kurangin dealing problems with violence 👌🏻
in conclusion : good friend ! grateful to have u 🙈💫
umm pasti abis ini u line me my grammatical errors lol💩😭

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