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You kik me dummy. I kiked you earlier and you gave me the lightskin treatment acting like you cant read messages and shit

I would never not read your message

Ohmylord. Its so funny reading these. People act like you a whole different species. Got me sitting here lile, they be on my nigga tevine thaat much? maan.

Lol everyone loves a legend

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At ah next party if i see you ima just needa give you a lap dance

Well I mean I'm not finna stop you lol but ion even really go to parties like that

Why don't you do something Elseee to your hair? Youuuu always have braids and a beanie. That kinda gets old


No need to try whoever you end up with is lucky I really look up to you

Lol don't nobody want me but thanks tho

Who's the girl on ur ig profile pic

Now it wouldn't be any fun if I told you...but she's white and she got a phat ass ctfu

Lmaooooo noooo and I didnt even call you a name all I said was B which is a letter

Awwwee to bad I have no fucks to give

Lol bruh i dont know u like that i was tha one with tha dreads that passed by when u was in line

Lol I remember.... you had on a tanktop and a blue phone case


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