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Andrea Russett
ze baby face 👶🏼 boarding my flight back to LA after an incredibly inspiring weekend with @tartecosmetics. to be able to hang out and speak on real struggles and issues that we face as young women was so moving. i’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet u all who attended the #mybigego summit!!!! i have one specific moment that has stuck with m throughout the weekend that i really wanna share w u guys. we had all just finished lunch (it was so nice to sit and chat so casually with u all) and a girl and her mom had nervously approached me and asked to take a photo. her mom thanked me for what i had said during m panel about creativity and authenticity and went on to tell me about her daughter and how smart and incredible she is but how she doesn’t give herself enough credit. she mentioned how it’d been a struggle to keep friends. it really resonated with me. i had and continue to have a very hard time making friends. throughout school i was constantly been dropped or replaced by people i thought we’re friends. during that time i started to blame myself and wonder what was wrong with me. i kept thinking “i must be the problem if this keeps happening”. it literally broke my heart to see her mom trying to help her daughter see how incredible she is. i have been in her exact spot. i did my best to explain that it had nothing to do with her. people express envy in ugly ways. i had to wait years to figure that out. i hope none of you ever feel like you are not enough or not worthy of real friendship. there are a lot of hurt people walking around hurting more people because they aren’t ready to face their own pain yet. show them love anyway. do not let them bring you down to their level and do NOT let them steal your self love or self confidence. let the big ego fly w pride baby! ❤️ ps. yes, i most definitely had to do the aggressive 50-blinks-in-a-row to stop myself from letting a tear out. i love you guys so much. and it means the world to me that you can come to me and tell me things like this. it means the world to me that i’m someone you can look at for guidance. middle school me would be pretty proud.

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