i wish i can sit idly at home without having to undergo this hell-like chambering ;_____; i hope you have sooooo many ideas so that you can publish so many good books to pay for your PTPTN ;)

i hope so. still writing my 3rd manuscript. slow.. tp.. berjalan.
let me told you a story of my uncle, when he get his certificate (as engineer) he said this "okey, dah jadi engineer, sekarang boleh pergi jual burger."
i was thinking, how much he suffer during his study times that made him saying that. its like he was achieved what he wanted to achieve, all his suffering were paid off. now he can go 'jual burger' and enjoy happy life.. lol..
later, you'll get the same feel also, "i am now a lawyer, now i can stop and write books" xD your suffering now will definitely paid off.
my uncle story didn't stop there.. 'jual burger' was just bbong eeya. he made another goal :) he got his master degree last year.. now applying for studying phD in UK, hope he can get it..