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Do you prefer to be alone or around people?

Well... I'm an introvert.

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If you had to choose, would you go to the Light or the Dark side?

I've heard the dark side has cookies, so.

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Who are you?

Where are you from and where are you going? The three basic questions that truly matter in this world

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What you miss the most from your childhood?

The childhood.
The fact that I didn't need to care about anything. I was forced to go to sleep after lunch and I hated it. Now I collapse after a week of school in the afternoon. I wasn't stressed I didn't have any resposibility whatsoever. I was naive to think I had friends. In fact I didn't, but that made me not to feel lonely at times as I do now. I miss the point of view in which I'd seen the world. It was way nicer and peaceful and innocent...

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What do fireworks make you think of?

It's usually this sad, melancholic feel you don't really know where it came from and why but it's there and then you start to think about all the shit in your life you've ever done wrong. It's usually sad really. I never watched fireworks with anyone I'd like to watch it with so it's been sad. Sometimes I imagine that the one I'd like there beside me is there and that makes me feel better. Imagining this anime style scene in my head and stuff /weeb/ No but really. I think about a lot of things, usually random strong memories from the past. They determine whether I feel sad or happy.

This answer is so messy

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Do you have sometimes "flashback feelings"?

I wonder if it's something similar to deja vu feelings. Dunno if that is the same really. Probably not :D I get them sometimes though. Like I'm pretty sure I've experienced this and that feeling. The particular situation or scene. It's weird. And it happens at random.

"flashback feelings" like remembering things in the past though? Yeah. I recall them back usually on my own, they are hardly sudden but sometimes they come back on their own. It's usually if I experience a thing similar to the one in the past so I somehow start to compare it to what I felt back then.

Thinking about that, those two are pretty similar feelings. Except deja vu is just made up, it never happened.

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Name something from the past that you hold on to!

nothing substantial but I'm proud to have grown up in the "previous" generation

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What is the most exciting thing you plan to do this summer?

exciting c:

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"Do you embrace or fear change?" What about a gender change?


It depends really.
I'm the kind of person who likes changes. Who likes changes such as re-arrange my room. Such as changing my hair colour. Changing my wallpapers. Changing my profile pictures on Twitter. Yeah I like those. I'm also a person who can't stand doing one thing for a longer amount of time. I am okay with those changes. I don't fear them.

But be it a bigger change? yes. Stuff as changing schools, deciding on important things in life that could change it completely... that is scary.

I like to joke about wanting to be a boy. Yes I'd like to try. I'd like to understand the opposite sex and their feelings. And I'd like the boys to try it too. The world would be a better place if we understood each other and problems each gender has, wouldn't it?
But no. I don't think I hate being a girl THAT much to decide I'd change my sex for good.I can't just "try a 30 days for free, buy the full version later," right?

What am I talking about...

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What is your favorite drink?

Kofola c:

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Choose: Burn the roof of your mouth or get a papercut on your finger?


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What's your insta name?


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You have a new bf? How so? (一。一;;)

I won't explain myself here

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Have you ever loved someone you have not met?

*coughs* danisnotonfire and amazingphil *coughs*

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What is your favorite thing in your room? PAP!

the man I love

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Do you think people deserve a second chance?

yes I do.
In fact I always give everyone a second, sometimes a third chance... I might be stupid.
But unless anyone kills you so you won't be able to give them a second chance, there shouldn't be anything that serious not to give it. Ofc you don't need to forget everything that's happened but at least you can forgive, be cool about it and bear it in mind

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What do you look like right now?


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I don't like how u r indecisive.

who likes that

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i can be jack if you will be the sexy doctor~


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Baby, you just gave me Torchwood.

Can I at least have Jack back please?

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Would you rather be a t-rex with long arms or a giraffe with short neck?

t-rex with long arms. Because isn't it just the dream come true?

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"are you my mommy?"


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