Ask @yung_helen:

okay my english class today argued whether or not we should have socratic seminar.. most of the loud people said yes and the more reserved people said no. what do you think?

i, personally, dislike public speaking but socratic discussions are a good way to have a class discussion without anyone judging you i guess you can say? but if the reserved people dont wanna talk, dont force them to talk.

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said... “no thank you! I got it :)” and he goes, “are you SURE?” and i said “yes *still struggling*” and he said “well.. okay” and I said “I appreciate it tho!” so he just walked with me and started a conversation. AND I WAS WALKING W HIM STRUGGLING like what Am I?!???!!

YOU SHOULDVE YOOK HIS HELP OH NOOOO but i wouldve done the same smh omg

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What is literally wrong w me? This kind sweet boy far in front of me said bye to his friend so he looked behind and saw me struggling carrying a BUNCH of stuff. Instead of just continued walking, he decided to walk back and offered me help. “Hey! do you need help?” My independent ass said...

okay,, i feel like this would be me bc i dont want to bother anyone or aiajajaiqj

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