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how have you been lately? just came to check on ya!

eli ☔

I normally don't post selfies but enjoy this one

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here's something I wrote & maybe you'll enjoy it also??

we're all a little kernel of popcorn. waiting for some heat to make us into popcorn. but usually you don't make one kernel of popcorn. think of it as this. the heat in your microwave is you working and the kernel is you. In order for you to see progress or change, you have to apply work or effort into it. if you don't apply anything, you won't grow as a person and your kernel won't become delicious popcorn. your kernal will become popcorn and you can use your one popcorn and make many. your skills or gifts can be shared to others and it'll make an environment of greatness.

never forget you're worth more & you're unique

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who wants to be friends?

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Op on @itzsoph

she's the sweetest person in the world. She's so inspiring and her answers help me daily. She's always so positive and loves to help others. I'm so happy you're clean from self harm, you deserve it. don't let anyone bring, you're beautiful and unique. Thanks for being a positive role model. Have an awesome day

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Dude your a creep.

when someone tells me to kik them but they don't answer okay

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How many followers

I have 732, used to have close to 750 but haven't been on here in forever

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who do you follow?

Hope everyone is having a good day & like this if you want me to follow you

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Pap (recent)


when you have no friends... 😭 oh well

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I guess I lost all my friends

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why not sure?

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hi, I'm new to ask, followback?😊

sean gerald

gonna be more active so like this & I'll send you a tbh

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yesterday was my 1 yr clean from self harm & i'm never looking bad. It was a battle due to having days and temptations, but all in all I made it. Thank you to everyone who's helped me through it. I'm extremely grateful for that! Again, thank you.

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hey nuddy


even if I never talked to him, I still care about everyone's well being regardless. Glad he's doing better, praying for him!

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hey man how you been lately?

I was going through my feed and I ran across this post that read "I saw the pain in N/a's eyes three nights as he was added to a group only to be made fun of and kicked out two minutes later, I spoke to him right after to comfort him and didn't even hear me"

When I read this tears came to my eyes as I had so much sympathy for their family. Bullying is a real thing & should be dealt with by criminal charges or even jail time. Verbally abusing is taking the same measures as physically abusing someone, but verbal is overtime abuse. I remember my mom telling me "If you have nothing nice to say, don;t say it all". Society should learn that words do hurt & you don't know what someone goes through until you're in their shoes. I just wish I could talk everyone who wants to take that next step to help them out of that hole. Picture your life as a book. Each chapter is a month spent in your life; each page is a day spent in your life. Don't let someone who means nothing to you let your story end early. Cherish every moment you have.

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I'm self-harming and I kind of want to get better, but don't know how. Any advice?

so it took me a lot of strength but I overcame it. I'm not gonna tell you to stop because that's difficult but what I want to tell you is find something to make the addiction go away. Go hiking, read a book, bake a pie, or even watch netflix. Whatever makes you happy, do it. The storm won't always appear, it'll get sunny soon. I care & will try to help you through this fight, my info is below. I'm thankful today you're going on the right path, it'll be worth it.

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Sup bro

Hey guys, please pray for his friend as he died in a car accident yesterday. I'd appreciate it

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Who do you follow?

I'll send you something if I follow you, but I follow a lot. like if you'd like me to follow you. I most likely will

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first liker gets spam?

I'm bored so all likers get 3 likes

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what school do you go to?

Doing Shout outs to 3 random people.

-like 10 answers and send your @-

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sure, I'll do tbh. will do all

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Do you have kik or snapchat bc I wanna text u but ya lol

anyone can message me. Open to helping or talking to others (:

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today's daily encouragement: I've learned life isn't about finding yourself and what others think of you, its about creating yourself and being your own individual .

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You are true inspiration

I apologize for not being on as much but my mom ended up in the hospital Tuesday after she fell on her left side. a year ago, she had a stroke which temporarily paralyzed her left side so the doctors wanted to keep a eye on her for a few days in the emergency room. I'd like if anyone could pray for her as she could have a another stroke and that may not be as lucky as the first ones.
thank you everyone & have a awesome day.

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one thing that aggravates me about ask is the constant bullying. Why do you feel the need to talk down upon someone or insult them when you're not perfect? Most people on here think their above everyone else because they have like, but just like everyone else. You're no different. I wish people would treat others with respect and not like garbage. if you don't like someone, simply don't talk to them. Its really easy. Just my rant for the day, thank you for reading

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kyleah joy

God can lift up our spirits in many ways. He’s an encourager during times of needs. He’ll always be there to lift up our spirits. I read something that came on my feed, it was a testimony written by Kyleah Dahl/@KyleahDahl. I relate to you in many ways, but here are the ways why.

To me, your story is a living testimony about how God can work in someone’s life. Just like you, I was bullied drastically but not as bad as you. Many guys picked on me and called me many names. I tried my hardest to make friends and I never gave up on that, but it didn’t work. I was often bullied for my size and how I acted. One day, I remember it very well. Two guys thought I was gay and tried to get it out of me. I won’t go into very much details but I bet you can put the pieces together. I didn’t necessary belong to any cliques. I was often the kid who sat alone at lunch. It got too much as I turned to many different things, but I resolved those because I am a living testimony also about how He can work. In March, I’ll be 190 days clean from self-harm. God is why I am clean, but many people have contributed to that. They’ve gave me encouraging words of wisdom, making me feel wanted, and reassuring me that I’ll be okay.

I remember a wise lady once told me, “Don’t end your book early because you never know what the next page holds”. Surely, I am so glad my pages are still turning. I have inspired so many people and people have treated me better. I have found acceptance. A safe haven. God gives me a refugee, and serenity. Now it time to thank Kyleah. From what I can read, you’re such a beautiful, smart, and mature young lady. God has such a big plan for you. Jeremiah 29:11. He can turn any test into a testimony. A mess into a message. By you sharing this rough patch in your life, you help others in that situation. One spark can light the darkness inside of someone. I hope we can connect and talk more about Jesus. “I can do all through Christ who strengthens me”

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