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thanks for solid re. sounds like your hook was writing/music? did the largest chunk of your hs class — specifically those 50-60 top achievers — end up at UMich? or maybe Case? i know OSU is ohio's flagship, but it doesn't seem high-achieving, to me. you were using Northwestern as your safety? bold

most of my class went to OSU. i went to a public school. northwestern wasn't my safety, OSU was my safety.

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quest 2) i'm from michigan, so I'm curious about what other colleges you looked at (UMich, Oberlin, rest of Ivies?)? i was at a great hs nobody really thought about ivies. were you one of the few in your hs with ivy aspirations?

i applied to twenty schools, i remember ones i really wanted to go to/thought i had a good chance of getting into were: uchicago, northwestern, brown, washU, and then i wanted to go/didn't think i could get in to columbia and yale
there was an aspirational college culture at my school, fueled by it's double-digit chinese-american population, but a lot of those kids, because they were asian and seen as cookie-cutter, didn't get into good schools. there were a handful (greater than two and less than five) of kids in my 400+ grade that got into "top-tier" schools (ivies + MIT + stanford + etc), and kids who thought they had a shot/applied probably numbered into the 50s-60s

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Where do you think you're gonna end up after college? And why?

to be honest, i really don't know. i'm a semester behind, so i have all of 2016 to figure it out. january 1, 2017 is the start of the real world for me.
things i have thought about are going to taipei, going back to cleveland briefly, or moving to los angeles.
i hope to be successful, by the grace of god

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