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what major did you end up deciding on man? do you like it???

visual arts, i'm a fine art student

i love it

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Do you play Pokemon Go?

hell no

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15 years of hard labor... could you handle it?

fuck yeah

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can you link to everipedia on your askfm please? the links are dofollow!!!

everipedia is an amazing website, highly recommend

fuck wikipedia!!!

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Have you dealt with internalised racism? What does race mean to you?

hell yeah, of course

i used to really not like asian people, because i was made to feel bad about being asian. but i love them now

race is something we have to deal with...we're all the 'human race' but i'm not gonna front like race doesn't matter. i wish it didn't tho

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If I just wanted to hang out with you in New York, would you be down?

maybe, i usually am


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What do you think of Kanye West bringing up Amber Rose?

i don't like amber rose, or support amber rose

he can do whatever he wants. i wouldn't tear down someone for being a stripper though, s/o all my stripper friends

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can we be friends


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are your grades solid at columbia? does ivy grade inflation make it hard to actually "bomb" anything ?

i get by

yes, if you don't do any of the work for a class. otherwise you usually gucci

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public with so many chinese ... I'm assuming like a Cleveland magnet international academy, like Stuy in NYC?

no, i went to a public school. most all of my friends either went to kent or ohio state

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thanks for solid re. sounds like your hook was writing/music? did the largest chunk of your hs class — specifically those 50-60 top achievers — end up at UMich? or maybe Case? i know OSU is ohio's flagship, but it doesn't seem high-achieving, to me. you were using Northwestern as your safety? bold

most of my class went to OSU. i went to a public school. northwestern wasn't my safety, OSU was my safety.

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quest 2) i'm from michigan, so I'm curious about what other colleges you looked at (UMich, Oberlin, rest of Ivies?)? i was at a great hs nobody really thought about ivies. were you one of the few in your hs with ivy aspirations?

i applied to twenty schools, i remember ones i really wanted to go to/thought i had a good chance of getting into were: uchicago, northwestern, brown, washU, and then i wanted to go/didn't think i could get in to columbia and yale

there was an aspirational college culture at my school, fueled by it's double-digit chinese-american population, but a lot of those kids, because they were asian and seen as cookie-cutter, didn't get into good schools. there were a handful (greater than two and less than five) of kids in my 400+ grade that got into "top-tier" schools (ivies + MIT + stanford + etc), and kids who thought they had a shot/applied probably numbered into the 50s-60s

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quest 1) did you go to prep school in cleveland...or like shaker heights?

i went to public school

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do you think end of college for you will be like end of prison for gucci mane?

yee that's exactly what i was thinking

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Where do you think you're gonna end up after college? And why?

to be honest, i really don't know. i'm a semester behind, so i have all of 2016 to figure it out. january 1, 2017 is the start of the real world for me.

things i have thought about are going to taipei, going back to cleveland briefly, or moving to los angeles.

i hope to be successful, by the grace of god

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arrrrgh you still gettin questions but my shit dried up I'm so jealous of you zachhhh

Mahbod Moghadam

it's a drought :(

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u ok? u good

yeah, really good

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Why do you believe in God?

because i have faith

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what was your SAT score?

ask me again

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Are you into Asian girls? What is your type?

for most of my life, the ONE type i was unattracted to was east asians, probably bc of internalized racism. today, i'm more open to east asian girls. i'm way less into white girls tho

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what are the people at columbia generally like?

the exceptions (aka my friends and lovers!!!), though, are incredible and make the school worth it

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whats ur fave song/artist/album right now?

currently listening to:

song: "news or someth" by future
artist: cousin stizz
album: "freedom" by akon

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Are you single right now?


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How has your summer been so far?

really good. i just got back from LA, it was amazing. i feel more inspired and focused than ever

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whats your opinion on emma sulkowicz?

i think she is a talented artist. i do have criticism of her pieces but i admire her audacity as an artist

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