Ask @zahraroars:

How fast do you reply?

I'm a very late replier.
Doesn't make any difference if I'm too close to you or we just started talking, everyone will expect late replies.
It's not because I'm too arrogant or egotistic but primarily because my phone is ALWAYS on silent and every single notification is mute except calls.

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Apnay baby boy ya baby girl ka kia naam socha hai

Why does it matter? If you really want to think about your children, think about how you can be of help when they're going through things they can't explain.
Don't be delusional parents celebrating only their children's academic excellence meanwhile, their children are trying to reach out for every darker corner just to cry their hearts out.

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Since you are a book worm I'll recommend you reading Sherlock Holmes. It's a brilliant read.

Imagine going into the library and settling down after taking Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 only to realise that you need to pee urgently without any delay so you have to shove the book back into the shelf you took it from and run as fast as you can. Yes that happened with me.

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