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Dil ki baat...💡

I'm not your psychiatrist or counsellor or any kind of dr...but I have seen my friends ppl around me putting on sad status...u never know how other ppl are feeling or what they are going through...Try to keep in touch with your loved ones...msg them call them atleast twice in a week to know about their life and if they are safe or not... We all know that everybody is now limited to their homes nothing is normal like before....Ppl getting depressed by staying alone or at their houses coz they don't have any activity...Plz try to utilize your energy...find new hobbies discover new things in u what u can do being at home or in spare time....
Stay Positive
Stay blessed 🖤

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Mr. Hammad
I've seen many people who have rich heart.I've seen many good people who call themselves bad. I've seen many people who have everything but they don't brag. I've seen many people who don't have anything but still brag. I've seen many people who disrespect everyone but piss off when someone disrespect them. We ain't we do show to people and what they see in us. We also don't know ourself. We make our perspective about ourself without analysing ourself. Are we actually like that we show or what people see in us?? We are parenting to be like that?
We all are mysterious.We all have something creative something interesting in us.Only Allah knows.We just need to observe ouself.😇💯✌

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Hina Imran
Kind hearted ppl are the purest They try to fill your cup from their own they give,give and give never waiting for anything in return they lift you up from the darkness and lead you to the light the purity of their hearts,shines wherever they go.I truly believe that kind ppl are just 'pure magic' becoz it's quite hard to find them these days may they never be taken for granted.💯

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Her lips was dragging me towards them.Beautiful? calling her beautiful would be a disgrace to her. Pretty, sexy or anyone word out there can't define which I saw in her 💕 Your🔥

Depressed Soul
Thnk u bhai for your compliment ....but my heart is taken by someone who holds my hand when no one is looking 😘 Only he can call me pretty and whatever u wrote above..☺️ You don't need to drag yourself towards me,bcz He is already drag me into his ocean ....🙈

You're given one 👻wish...🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️what would it be?🤔🤔

Alauddin Khilji
I just want to meet my father. It's been i haven't meet him coz firstly i was in hostel and now he isn't at home.Till worried about him coz goes to houses to take ppl for test going in hospitals checking the things are in under control or not.Not telling this all for showoff but really missing him.Hope this situation get in control and i meet him..❤ Pray for my dad that he be protected and save there..🤲

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