can you add lucky block mod?

I don't add other "mods" into Mine Blocks for the following reason:
I imagine that the reason some of these mods (like Lucky Block) aren't actually in vanilla Minecraft is because the community hasn't come to a consensus on whether or not the mod fits well enough in the game to be official. While the mods might be fun for a little while, they shouldn't be added officially, as to not mess with the players' experiences. From time to time, a mod is amazing enough to catch the Minecraft developers' attention, at which point they actually add them into the game (pistons and horses in Minecraft were inspired by mods). Then, I definitely plan to add those features to Mine Blocks! :)
Also, if I WERE to add any Minecraft mods into Mine Blocks, it'd have to be through a separate option (so you can enable it and disable it, like a real mod). This would reaaally slow down the development of the game, not to mention everyone will be asking me to copy content from hundreds of different mods - many of which should only work in a 3D world. In short, I want to focus on the features that everyone would enjoy, but not turn everyone's requests into features. I'm sure this is the same logic the Minecraft developers have in mind.
All that being said, I do add unique features into Mine Blocks quite often. Not only did I determine that most of these things were nice additions to the game, but I also realized that many people in the Minecraft community were asking the developers to add these very same things to Minecraft (just the other day someone suggested ropes in Minecraft that acted EXACTLY like they do in Mine Blocks!). Hopefully I could deduce from this, that people will enjoy the little additions I make to the game, even if they aren't from popular mods.
TL;DR No, not unless Minecraft adds it.
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