Do you use Perlin Noise for terrain generation in the MineBlocks games?

I don't! I find that Perlin Noise is too hard to fine tune and control for situations like seamless biomes, cliffs, and other very specific scenarios.
For Mine Blocks 1 it just keeps track of a slope variable and linearly traverses the whole world when it generates.
For Mine Blocks 2, each world genchunk (worth one biome of size, but encompasses half of two adjacent biomes) calculates a start and end height depending on the biomes (this is sort of like Perlin noise, sure). Here's what it looked like in its early stages:
But then, for the hills, it uses a stacking and removal technique I "invented" here: and first implemented it into this thing:
So I guess MB2 *effectively* uses one layer of Perlin noise and fills it in with a custom algorithm :D

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