I was looking through the mb suggestions page and have a few questions: 1 - When will hoppers be added?? 2 - Can you pls add the ability to place backdrops behind torches slabs etc... 3 - Rockets?! That go to the moon?!?! WHAT?!?!

Oh hey how did you find the suggestions page? I think most of the links where removed since it's disabled. :)
Anyway hoppers will be added during a dedicated redstone update in the future. First, all blocks will need to have separated logic and graphics, which will probably happen around update 1.31. So... hoppers might possibly happen after that update.
Backdrops will be able to have a separate layer once the world save structure is completely rewritten too. I was thinking this conversion could happen around 1.30 or 1.31 as well.
As you can see, rockets are labeled as a "cool suggestion" that can be spun into actual gameplay if done right. But there's no plans to add it currently. You never know though! Might be fun! :3