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3 Questions! Do you wear glasses, do you like using pencils and who is the master of the pencils? ;D

Yes I do wear glasses!

I do like using pencils!

The master of pencils is TehPencilmaster!

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you have a lot of mobs to add next year ghasts,pigmen ,horses,iron golems ,witches,wither,whither skelatons and ocelots and i think thats it .do you think you can add these mobs in all in one update?

Don't forget silverfish, squid, villagers, shulkers, cave spiders, gaurdians, and bats.

They wont all be in one update, haha. I want to release updates a lot faster than I have been :)

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will there be name tags in 1.27 or can you add then in the next update for 2016


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I'm to lazy to get up. Got any ideas on how to get food w/o getting up?

Message someone to get you food!

But wait, why don't you have a backup supply of food in arm's reach??

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can you add horse?

Yep! They're complicated to make so it'll be a little while before they're added though.

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how's the university going?:) Did you tell someone yet about mineblocks?:D

It is going well so far, but it's making me SUPER BUSY! But my roommate is nice and I'm having some fun. Except when I accidentally missed one of my classes because of a scheduling issue (my bad!). xD

One of my professors already knew about Mine Blocks and had me talk about it in class. It was a bit awkward for me, because I don't really like to talk to people about it, but it was still pretty cool. Someone in the class even told me that they already played the game before, and that they used to have a lot of fun playing it. So that was a first - something I never really expected to happen!

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Can we record your games?

Yeah!! I would love that xD

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What if Mojang liked Mine Blocks and wanted you to work with them , what would you do ?


Gosh I don't know. Probably!

I just have to keep in mind: I'm focused on college right now, I own all of the rights on my game development, and I really enjoy working alone. Everything would be turned upside-down if I worked for Mojang. I bet it would pay off in the end though - a "stable" job doing what I love, meeting amazing developers and helping build the community I always loved. Wouldn't that be the best job ever?

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Will you have awesome dungeons?

I will have only the awesomest of dungeons.

If you're asking about the Mine Blocks 1.27 update - nothing is changed in the world generator :)
I'm excited to add structures to MB2 though - those will be sweet, I'm sure!

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Can you add unlimited water source in mb1 ?

I can, and I did! It will be in the next update.

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Do you like potatoes? ~ Potato

Yes, potatoes are a wonderful addition to my life. :)

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why do the universe be like it is ??

Scientists have recently determined that it's because some guy decided to run a special version of Conway's Game of Life for 13.8 billion years straight.

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Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?

Snow suit in the desert, because I could then proceed to take it off and use it to shield me from the sun. Then at night I would use it to sleep. :D

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Thanks a ton, I'm really happy you like my music! You can totally use it in your videos as long as you credit me :3

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What's a good programing language to learn and where would I learn it?

This isn't a bad article to read about that
I personally like coding in ActionScript, and learned by experimentation and reading the reference manual.

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Alex, if you could change your age, what age will you be?

Macie Litzi

It would be neat to go back to being like 8 years old and practically start over with a fresh start :)

Not that I'm unhappy with my life decisions, just that I would never want to be older and waste the limited time of our 'short' lives :D

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What is your relation with minecraftman?

We're friends, and occasionally he's my mom.

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Will it be possible to use the right click with haxe?

CriX UnLimited

Yes, because everything that is possible in Flash is also possible in Haxe! :)

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What qualities do you think are necessary to having a successful career path?

If you want to work for yourself, you should be passionate, adaptive, risky, and clever. Network with people who share your interests, and always seek potentially rewarding opportunities.

It helps to be able to know yourself well, so you can extract these qualities and improve them consciously :) You can't doubt yourself - believe you will succeed!

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their albums usually begins in February?

CriX Unlimited

I guess! I participated in February Album Writing Month for the last three years.
I probably wont do it again for a while, since it takes too much of my time. xD

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as ''zanzlanz'' originate?

CriX Unlimited

Alexander = Zanz
Lanzetta = Lanz

Zanzlanz :)

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what happened to his ZanzCode project?

CriX Unlimited

Nothing much yet. The more I work on Mine Blocks, the less time I have for other projects ;)

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5) It'll be possible to add your own blocks or items (like modding the game)? 6) Can u give me all blocks' icons to upload 'em in the Wiki? :v 7) Will you add an option to change the brightness of the game?

Tobias Nahuel Alcaráz

Each block is a separate assets in the game, so "sending them all" will require several hours of opening them in an image editor, rescaling them, then saving to a unique filename.

So, it's not really a practical thing for me to do right now. I'll be doing it eventually though - possibly in 1.31!

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Are you here?

*Yells* no I'm over here!

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What made you get into game development? :)

It was progressive. My first computer was a Mac, and I didn't have Internet, so after a while I got bored of games and started fooling around.

I ran into various things, such as animated gifs (I was amazed), Java applets (confused), and AppleScript commands.
I fooled around in PowerPoint and AppleScript for a while, making animations and simple commands. (Anything that would keep be preoccupied). Then I discovered that I could make websites in files on the computer, and dabbled with that.

One particular HTML book I got from the library contained a CD with a trial version of Flash MX 2005. I was attracted to the coding of it, and slowly learned how to make games.

Later, I got a new computer, a newer version of Flash, and regular Internet access at the library :) I started animating in Flash for a web series called The Alex and Lexis Show, which opened doors to music dev, web dev, animating, programming, and other stuff. From there I got much more attached to making games (I started making some for the web series too).

Then I started the Mine Blocks project, got a few actual fans, made a new website (, and here we are now :D

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I'm an indie game developer and music producer. I made Mine Blocks, and much more!

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