Ask @zarnaib_khan:

Girls are Specialist in _??? 👽

Humayun aslam
Making you feel like being on cloud9 everyday.
Making you feel loved.
Making you feel like you mean the world.
Making you think life'll be better from now and on.
Making you wish it were a longer life.
Making you think woman's the most beautiful creation of God.
Making you regret all the descisions of your life.
Making you practically have emotional meltdowns twice daily.
Making you feel ignored, lost and deprived.
Making you feel like a third wheel.
Making you choose btw this extreme and that.
Making you think she's with you while all she's doing is playing along.
Making you think you got to the spot while all she doing is faking it.
Making you think twice before getting closer to someone.

Hence, she's a kaleidoscope. A box of chocolates. You never know what you're getting.🌻

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