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How to stop missing someone forever

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You cannot stop missing someone, if at any point of time he/she really meant to you alot, they will stay there somewhere in your heart and your brain forever, you should be having guilt about it because that was never your fault, you will move on with full of your heart as you had given your best before as well. Most importantly a person like you who is so sincere deserves a guy who can give respect to your every emotion and who can give respect to that pain also you are going through and who can give you that liberty and space that you can keep your past and your memories with you never considering it as any guilt, Stay Blessed @FaiqaAli00

Your eid won't be eid without ? ☺

Family ❤️, yesterday it was Eid day in Dubai and it was the first time I spent my Eid without my family here in Dubai, all of them are there in Lahore. I miss them alottt, loads and loads of love and duas for them. Insha Allah we will be together again with all of the happiness, health and blessed life ahead Ameen SumaAmeen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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İ cheated on my current bf with my ex , not sex etc we both kissed hugged etc whatever its still a cheat , now Idk what to do , whether to broke up with my current one or what, i am in guilt now cz i failed to become loyal it's so painful, idk what to do

yr I think msla resolve na current bf ko chor dene se hoga or na he ex ko ye smjhane se hoga k Jo hua ghlti se hua, yaqeenan current bf ki kismat kharab thi Jo tm mein involve hua, I think u should be urself and go for the third one now or khud ko smjhao ye zindagi ka hissa hai guilt ki kia bt chill kro 😁😁😁


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