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Zayn Malik
There's something called a friend that is really hard to find nowadays. Real friends are hard to find. The kid of people who will always know what to say, who will cheer you up when you're down, who will laugh and cry with you, with who you can be totally yourself without being ashamed, who will support you and be always there no matter how hard is the situation you're going through, who won't leave you, who will keep their promises till the end. You're one of those rare people, you're my friend, one of my best friends, you're like a sister to me and seeing you down tears me apart. You were always there when I needed, you always knew what to say when I was down, and now it's my turn to give you back everything what you've already done for me. I won't let you leave, never. As long as I'll be alive I will keep my promise and my promise is to support you and bring you up every time you're down, my promise is to be your friend till the end of my life time. I like to keep my promises and this one wont be an exception so please, stay. x

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