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thoughts on all the extempers

Hao - he may be old, but he has it all going for him. Good shit.
Kevin - I love his quirkiness. We're the best "Happy" duo.
Kenny - what a little bitch who is sho determined and out there. Love him to pieces, would harass again.
Tom - amazing guy from day 1 receiving my "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" award. :)
Kelly - I can't handle her problems, anxiety, or smarts. Super adorable.
Calvin - HE'S LIKE ME BUT BETTER LOOKING. I wanna give him a nice in-person talk.
Thomas - still one of my babies, but always gets sick during tournaments and I never see him there. D:
Jimmy - wish I got to know him better, heard he has a sailor's mouth which is always nice.
Chris (lol quit extemp freshman year) - BFFs-turned-rivals. I've loved being touchy-touchy (lucky you, Dion) and enjoyed more than a third of my life with him. I respect a lot of what he has to offer, good and bad, and wish him the best in everything.

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