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What is the traditional meal in your country?

er. ubi rebus?

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What worries you the most?

my future in dunya and akhirah.

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What is the most money you have ever held in your hand?

rm6700.. hahaha

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hai.kenapa nama awak Zehan Ilyana?

«« Dang Kahla »»

er. sebab atuk nenek saya bagi. hahahaha

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How many pictures without heads do you have ...?

hahaha. ni sah jebat yang tanya ni. i dont know. i didnt count it. hahaha

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Do you have any favourite photographs(personal or you found on the internet)?If there is any,can you please tell why? :)

yes. it is something personal. my mom's picture when she was smiling beautifully with her dimples and her eyes are close because she was too happy...:)

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how to know and determine between the fresh fish and old fish that sell in supermarket ?

er. yang fresh jual kat ais batu tu. yang lama jual dalam tin, macam sardin. right, no? hahaha

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between pizza hut and dominos,which one do you prefer?

absolutely dominos! haha

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what do you think of Taylor Swift?

she is brave to write her own story. she is talented to make her own music and lyrics. but, like seriously taylor many guys you already dated? haha. but, i like her though.

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what's your favourite band?

er. cnblue? haha.. linkin park, nickelback, maroon 5, there's so many actually...

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apa makanan kegemaran?-abang bro

western food.. terutama spaghetti bolognese! :D

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how did u manage ur times between blogging and also ur social life??

i am a good organizer. lalala.. k*masuk bakul angkat sendiri*

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what is ur favourite subject in primary school

bahasa melayu. tu yang melarat jadi penulis ni ha. eh, penulis ke?

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What is the most boring job you can imagine?

doing nothing.

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What famous person would you like to meet?

Muhammad bin Abdullah.

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What is your favorite sound?


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Would you call yourself a “happy person”?

not really.

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What song makes you want to dance?

girl generation song, i got a boy. haha

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