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It hurts when the guy you like has crush on someone else 😔

In the beginning it's possible but eventually that factor doesn't affect me. I know that life is all about moving on and carrying some experiences along with you.
It hurts when the guy you like has crush on someone else
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Why do we have different moods? Why can't we be always happy?

SuryaOctober’s Profile PhotoJaya Surya Athikesavan
Different moods facilitates critical thinking.
It's just human nature to consist emotions like surprise, happiness, dejection, etc. to judge the favourability regarding different circumstances.
We can't always be happy because challenges and adversities are a part of life.
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🤣 Secrets... Is that a bad thing or a good thing?

Some sensible secrets should be kept within ourselves.
The criterion to decide whether it's good or bad depends on the type of secret which is to be kept. 😌
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Why am I so shy

It's literally me when I'm very much self conscious in a completely new environment especially if their aura doesn't match with mine and they comment something relating to me. 😂
During such circumstances, I always think before speaking. 🙂😌
I just try to figure out who can be a good person with me and react accordingly with that person.
There can hardly be any shyness with good companions.
Need to evaluate the circumstances and then adapting to it without worrying about others could only suppress it. 💫
Why am I so shy

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What is the best age to get married i say a" what do you all say i have genuine truth for it that all that what is requisite is completed by this age our desires our pleasures enjoyment ecstasy fun knowledge power novelties explorations fame game name traverse curiousity everything is fulfilled

adarshyadav036’s Profile PhotoAdarsh
No age is perfect for marriage until you're ready.
It comes with responsibilities and if you aren't ready to share them then it's not the age to get married.
The person needs to be prepared first to handle the changes. If it's not a happy change then don't do the marriage.


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