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If you had a billion dollars what would you do with it?

Pay off my car, buy a small house with lots of land by the ocean and live mostly as a recluse :)
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Hi, has anyone here ever been to Lowes or Hoe Depot?

Been to Lowes.... Not sure where my local Hoe Depot is though XD

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Have you ever knocked a girl like completely out cold in a fight

No, but I did break a girls nose once. There was so much blood I was actually scared I had hurt her really bad. We became friends afterwards.
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Is love blind?

I don't think love is blind. I think we just love some people so much that we don't want to ruin this illusion we have of them by thinking they could do bad things. Doesn't mean you are blind, it means you are in denial.
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Are you the type of person who would spend time in the company of a stranger with pleasure, drinking cappuccinos and telling each other stories from life? :) ☕☕

never. I hate cappuccinos

I just bought 100 shares of Dogecoin .. do you think Doge will be the next Bitcoin?.. I bought some Bafe coin too... I been had some Zilliqa which is the coin with all the great tech. Zilliqa is the coin to get.

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I sold my Dogecoin when it hit 0.60 the other day. I made about $50. Not sure if it will ever take off like Bitcoin, I doubt it will though.

Sometimes, I fart into my pillow. Is this normal?

Dear god what did I just read.... no, the answer is no.

Have you ever been in love?

Yes. I was scared at first but once I opened up to my bf and told him everything I had been through... him accepting my baggage and telling me how he admires my strength has been an amazing gift. I find the strength to keep a smile on my face because of him. He says I saved him, but the truth is he saved me <3
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Do you think someone would pretend not to like someone because they don’t want people to care about them in case they die?

Yes. I do it all the time

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