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Belt conveyor running belt deviation is the most common fault.

In order to solve the dimensional accuracy of such failures is important to note the installation and day-to-day maintenance. There are many reasons for deviation, need to be dealt with according to the different reasons difference. Adjust the carrying belt conveyor idlers belt adjustable roller position of the group in the middle of the entire belt conveyor deviation to adjust the deviation; growth hole mounting holes on both sides of roller group are processed at the time of manufacture, in order to be adjusted. Specific adjustment method, the specific method is the belt deflection which side of the the idlers which side toward the belt forward direction forward, or the other side shift. Shown in Figure 1 belt upward direction of deviation of the roller group at the next bit should move to the left, move to the right at the upper idlers. Installation aligning idlers aligning idlers There are many types such as center pivot four-bar linkage, vertical roll, etc. The principle is blocked or roller direction in the horizontal plane rotation stopper or lateral thrust The belt is automatically adjusted to the heart reaches the purpose of the belt deviation. Generally shorter total length of the belt conveyor or belt conveyor run in both directions using this method is more reasonable, because the the shorter belt conveyor easier deviation and difficult to adjust. Long belt conveyor is best not to use this method, because the life of the belt aligning roller group will have some impact. Adjust the drive roller and the drive roller and bend pulley adjustment bend pulley position is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment. Because a belt conveyor with at least 2 to 5 rolls, all the mounting position of the drum must be perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt conveyor centerline bound deviation occurs, if the skew is too large. The adjustment method is similar to the adjustment idlers. Head drum, such as a belt deviation to the right side of the drum, the right side of the bearing housing should be moved forward, the belt deviation to the left side of the drum, the bearing housing on the left side should be moved forward relative should also be the left shift or right side of the bearing housing bearing after shift. Rear roller adjustment method and the head drum is just the opposite. Adjustment method. After repeated adjustment until the belt is transferred to a more ideal location. Best adjust the drive or bend pulley install its exact location. 4. Tension at adjusting the belt tension at the adjustment is a very important part of belt conveyor deviation adjusted.

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The technical advantages of the belt conveyor
The first is it reliable operation. Important production units require continuous operation, such as the transport of power plant coal, steel mills and cement plants bulk materials transport, and port loading and unloading ships, etc. conveyor. Such as downtime in these occasions, the loss is great. If necessary, the belt conveyor can be a group of connected group of continuous work. Belt Conveyor low power consumption. Because the material and the conveyor belt is almost no relative movement, not only makes a small running resistance (approximately the scraper conveyor 1/3-1/5), and abrasion and crushing cargo are small, and high productivity. These are conducive to lower production costs. Conveyor belt conveyor line adaptable and flexible. Line length may be needed. As short as a few meters, length up to 10km. Can be installed in a small tunnel can also be set up in the ground transportation confusion and danger over. According to the process requirements, the belt conveyor can be very flexible from the point or points of material. S can contribute to multi-point or several sections of discharge. When the feed to the conveyor belt at several points at the same time (such as coal preparation plant coal bunker conveyor) or along the longitudinal direction of the belt conveyor any point by uniform feed to the conveyor belt feeding equipment, belt conveyor The machine has become one of the main transportation trunk. Belt conveyor can heap on the roadway below reclaimer coal stockpile of material needs, but also the heap of different materials mixed. The materials can be easily unloaded from the conveyor head out, but also by the plow unloader or move Stripper Stripper cart at any point of the conveyor belt longitudinal direction.

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Weighing sorter - weighing sorter Variable speed of sound pressurized heat exchanger!Metal detector

Zhengzhou Modern Automation Equipment Co., LTD
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Our headquarters located at No.2 Hanghai East Road, Zhengzhou ,Henan Province, China Zhengzhou, China. Our own manufacturing is done in Zhengzhou National Economic and Technological Development Zone, China. As a privately held World Leader in the designing,production and global marketing of automatic weight sorting systems, heat exchanger system and conveyor system. We provide the solutions you need,improve your productivity,save you energy and provide innovative,dependable and long-life performance .

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