Ask @zodiacrules:

Nam se ڈاکٹر aur zuban se چوتیا 👉+👌=💦

The people who are important in my life are okay with me, know me and I am happy alhamdullilah for what I am. that’s a big achievement. You seem to be a chutya and jealous insan jisko koi accept nahe karta or apni marwane yahan agaye attention seeker and tm jaa k kisi or se apni gaand turwao. Mera mood nahe

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Mention favourite people on ask?

The first and second are the most favourite personas, they never judged me and whenever I needed them I got the reply even though if they wanted to slap me on the face and Both are Scorpions :) ... Even with their mood swings and bad days Isra and Fatima were the best. Never shoved temper tantrums
About Ayesha she has no idea why I am mentioning her but 4 months earlier we had quite interesting chat and she is a good person. Dr. Ayesha
End pe Maryam And she is also a good one no matter how much I deviated she just ignored the bullshit and focused on the genuine talk.
I am following only them 4 no matter what. except them I had talk with many girls and boys
And another girl Maryam but she is dead I guess , RIP

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There is a ques on ask, from 1-10 how weird are you? And everyone is saying 8 or 10, then you all are average person don't think you're unique.

My uniqueness lies under the dirt of my grave. No one will remember me if I die. That’s kinda sad ... insan hamesha akela aata hai akela jaata hai.
Die with memories. Also uniqueness is non tangible. Allah is unique and you know that. Allah u Samad ... I am the creation of unique so can’t brag it or count it rather I thank Allah for what he gave me. Please think before you ask!

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Which national song is your favorite?

I don’t listen to national songs. Guess not a single song. Also a soldier raped someone very dear to me so fuck this gawd damn nationalism. I am not taking revenge on y’all but for me just let me live.
Also that guy is being court martialed found guilty on the basis of medical evidences. Jab tm aisa kuch dekhogi to main tmse puchonga. Afterall bat insaniyat ki hai she was disabled. Physically to wo disabled thi hi mentally bhe hogayi

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