Ask @zoeypky:

Hey Zoey! I'm just about to start my own lifestyle blog. Just to check, at you "Ask Zoey" button, how do you link it straight to your

Er I link the page

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What are the major cons of being a social media personality? (Be honest please)

Having to think of content that is relevant to post up and not being able to slack much

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And is there anything I should prepare myself with, I am so embarassed about doing this laser thing on my bikini line.

Nothing they're so professional ur not gonna feel awks

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Zoey, idk but I feel u are a little sad nowadays, no more that bubbly senior from high school. How is life going?

Adulting is so stressful!!

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Hi zoey ,Do u think it is worth buy an i7 in switch or better sign package with comapny like maxis ? and do u think 32 gb is enough ?

32 gb is good enough! iPhones are good investments

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I didn't shave. I epilate but still very black. What can I do? I've become more and more lack of confidence nowadays

Exfoliate the skin there

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