Ask @zohaib2232:

Tbh- ZOHAIB 😀 Uhm you are extremely nice person 👌 Personality much wow. 💕 Too much friendly 😀 Mai hamesha hud ka kaam karwa leti hun 😂 Apka karti nae sorry 😂 And trust me you are amoung one of the nbest person i ever talk to ❤❤💕 Stay same! And han display ❤💕😂 Ik dslr rocks 😂

Thank You Soo Much😍 Lol khair hai no problem mai apnay kaam khud Kar leta hoon😎Pr doosroon k kaam Ana acha lgta hai :') Haha Han DSLR Rocks✌🏻️Your Display👌🏻No less :D You are also a very nice person to talk to :) Stay Blessed.!

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compliment- disploi o_0 BG perfect (y) zohaib ur a handsome,loving, caring, friendly person I'd ever met :* ur cute n sweet :* nkahry toh koi ap sei seekhy xD bht busy log ho ap xD #$tayawesome n happy n blessed

Haye nimmu😈😈😈
Itna bhi acha nae jitni tareeef kr di😒
Nakhry...wo kya huty😕😕
Mene tu ajj tk nakhra kia hi nae😅😆
Shareef sa banda😂😂
Btw you are no less 😘😘😘😘

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funniest moment in your life ?? *,*

Irum Riaz
Its about 3 to 4 months back that i went to school at breaktime to give some notes to my friend.We have to pass through the girls campus so just as i was i going on my way there was a group of girls sitting there and as i passed by their side they were like "Ahm ahm,Ahaan,Wah g wah,Kya baat hai,kidher chalay?App b?"I was soo embaarased that i ran away🙈
Then again at hometime i had coke in my hand and i was walking alone when a girl said"Lao muje dedo😡"As a sign of respect i replied"Leni hai?"And i was unaware that a teacher was watching all this act😂😂😂
Thus the girl said"Jao chalay jao maam daikh rae hain😂"
I threw the bottle right there and on my way back the dicipline incharge caught me and took me to HM's office.
Sir asked me why were u giving the coke to the girl and i replied :"Sir dost k bhai ki gf thi...Tou bhabhi ko ehtaraamun dedi"😂😂
Sir was like:"Kabi behn ko di hai jo usay de rahay thay?😬I will call your father."
My reply was like :"Sir aapka jo dill karta kar lain maine kuch b nae kia un larkion ne hi chaira hai muje😅😅"
Sir gave me an evil smile and asked me to leave his office.
I could not control my laughter outside the HM's office(he might have even heard it😁)
This is my funniest experience uptill now in class 10😈

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