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Confess something? ?

Haris Chaudhry
Do you know 1400 years ago somebody loved you? You were not even born yet he cried for you, asking ALLAH for your forgiveness. He wanted nothing less than Jannah for you. He had wives, children, friends and family who adored him, but it was your name he kept repeating, "Ya Ummati Ya Ummati" The definition of true love, our beloved Nabi MUHAMMAD Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam ?

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What's so special in your her ?

She's so beautiful,amazing & caring. Her skin is like honey - Sweet & fragrant. She has got such flawless skin & her large stunning & beautiful eyes. An actual barbie doll. <3 She completes me. She's the smartest girl I've ever seen. She's FUNNY. She is WOW. & her sense of humour is wonderfull. I enjoy every single moment with her. Omg she's PERFECTION.
& I'm the luckiest guy in this world.
I trust her & love her with all my heart. I've never been loved like this before. She's the one for me. She's my soul-mate.
I love the way she loves me. I love the way she makes me feel. I love everything about her. EVERYTHINGGGG.
Marry me sweetheart & make me the luckiest man in the world. :')

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