Ask @zunishaa18:

what do you think about love ????

Love is true devotion to someone beyond yourself. Love is a passion; love is kind, trust respect and truth. Love is when you think that every single bit of a person is amazing. Words can't describe love fully. Love is an emotion. Love is life. Without love life has no meaning. That's what love is. Love is a complex thing. It means making that person a priority, sometimes even above yourself. Love is giving your all with all your heart. Trusting with your eyes closed. Caring, nurturing, believing, and never expecting anything in return. :'))

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Post shairi! 🔥

CraXy ViRux
Ku ba ku phail gaye baat shanasaye ki,
Usne khusboo ki tarha meri pazeeraye ki.
Kesy keh doon ke mujhe chor diya usne,
Baat toh sach hai magar baat hai ruswaye ki.
Woh kahein bhi gya, lauta toh mere paas aya,
Bss yehi baat achi mere harjaye ki.
Tera pehlu tere dil ki tarha abaad hai,
Tujhpe guzray nah qayamat shab-e-tanhaiye ki.
Usne jalti hui payshaani pe jab hath rakha,
Rooh tak agaye taseer maseehaye ki.
Aab bhi barsaat ki raatun mein badan toot'ta hai,
Jaag uthti hai khwahish ajab angraye ki. ✨✨

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Random confessions ?

I’m honestly sick of living, and I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up. I have to act happy for everyone because if I show how I fell I’ll be shut down, it’s funny because I’m seen as the confident doesn’t care about anything kid, but I hate myself and even got to the point we’re i cut myself. Just to feel the pain, because I don’t derserve anything but that.

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