Aisha Al-Roomi @AishaRoomi
Aisha Al-Roomi @AishaRoomi
Dammam,Saudi Arabia
Hello my name is Aisha , I'm 20 years old , Clinical Laboratory Science student @ UoD ... if u want anything more just ask me :) <3 -ربي ارحمهما كما ربياني صغيرًا ♥!/AishaAlRoomi <-follow me ;;) <-say what u really feel about me
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
10 , but the problem is in other's hearing sense :P Hehehe! o:)
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Who knows the most about you?
ما في بهالدنيا غير أمك اللي تعرفك زين حتى أكثر من نفسك!
ألحين مدري أحس محد.
من اين انتي
من الأحساء دار الخير والكرم❤️
Who are you?
A Smiley Vampire. ;)
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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
Don't expect a “No” answer from a girl :p
Is the best! <3 :P
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Why are you so addicted to
I was but not anymore.
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شلون الحلال
الأراضي والعماير ولا الأبل والمزايين =)) ؟
If someone is Interstead in getting to know you, or into you. How possibly it could happen? How he should approach you  Mansour Mohamed
Act as a gentleman , care and ask about me.
Can you sum up your day so far in just one word?
What is your favorite thing in your room?
المكيف ❤️❤️❤️
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اشياء لـا تريد أن تكون لهـا نهايـهہ (......)  just dreams
الصحة وراحة البال :)
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Chili's or Fuddruckers ? ;p  Rayan Aljarbou
فدركرز ❤️,❤️
حبيبه الله يحفظك
بعض ما عندك بعد قلبي❤️
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What's your favourite chocolate bar?
Well, when it comes to the chocolate it doesn't matter , they r all my favorite *,* :P
احيانا تحس انك تكلم جدار... متى؟  just dreams
لما أكلم أختي فجأة أكتشف أنها حاطة سمّاعة!! -_-
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Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
Art museum!
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Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
How old were you when you started playing video games?
6 or 8 years , am not sure.
حسابي الجديد في instagram : mahran_alshaikh اتمنى متابعتكم لي =))  Mahran_alshaikh
My account: AishaAlRoomi :D
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اذا احد طلع من حياتك ورجع راح تقبلين : ) !  بشاير سيف
I don't think so!
ۉشَ شعۉږڪ لۉِ تشۉف شخصِ قڍإمڪ يصيح من شڍةة شۉقھه لڪ ؟  بشاير سيف
I'd hug him/her so tight :"") ❤️❤️
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What's the longest you've gone without a haircut?
3 years :/
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Ask me;)  sara
You first ;)
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Are you afraid of falling in love?
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